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Wellpreneur: Wellness Marketing and Mindset

The Wellpreneur Podcast is the show about marketing and mindset for entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry. If you are a wellness entrepreneur who does health coaching, yoga, fitness, nutrition, meditation, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, or other alternative health and wellbeing therapies, you'll hear tips, strategies, and interviews to help you create your successful wellness business. Join host Amanda Cook to learn how to grow your business without burning yourself out. Learn more at wellpreneur.com


From Amanda: My Winding Business Journey, an Update May 2021 {248}
Show Details37min 12s
Should I Start a Facebook Group for my Wellness Business? {247}
Show Details12min 19s
Managing Imposter Syndrome when starting a wellness business {246}
Show Details21min 52s
Want to work with Moms on Self-Care? {245}
Show Details24min 22s
Being Your Authentic Self in Your Business with Samantha Kellgren {244}
Show Details31min 53s
Making Instagram Work for your Wellness Business - Sue B Zimmerman {243}
Show Details31min 49s
Marketing your Wellness Business WITHOUT Social Media - Camille Freeman {e242}
Show Details30min 58s
Finding Clients with Sofia Health {e241}
Show Details21min 12s
Align Your Life & Work {e240}
Show Details24min 2s
Make Your Content Writing Easier {e239}
Show Details14min 41s
Creating Content for Wellness Businesses {e238}
Show Details18min 5s
Website 101 for Wellness Businesses {e237}
Show Details23min 6s
3 Strategies to Grow Your Audience {e236}
Show Details8min 55s
Amanda’s Health Coach Journey {e235}
Show Details19min 57s
Find More Time to Work on Your Wellness Business {e234}
Show Details17min 8s
5 Tips to Start and Grow Your Wellness Business in 2021 {e233}
Show Details33min 2s
From Corporate Executive to Wellness Entrepreneur with Kathy Robinson {e232}
Show Details35min 13s
All About Sales with Matthew Kimberly {e231}
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Starting a Wellbeing Technology Company with Bernadette Thomas {e230}
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Making the first step into online entrepreneurship with Alexx Stuart {e229}
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Making a big change to your business with Natasha Richardson {e228}
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Planning your business for 2021 {e227}
Show Details33min 50s
How to use video for your business with Ben Dziwulski {e226}
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How to Design a Business that Fits you with Laura Roeder {e225}
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How to Establish Yourself as a Leader in the Field with Jennifer Fugo {e224}
Show Details34min 50s
Start Your Wellness Business - Step by Step! {e223}
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Your Community Needs Your Wellness Skills! {e222}
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Focus & Productivity {e221}
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Amani Kaite - Using LinkedIn to Find Coaching Clients {e220}
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Jo Tucker on Perfectionism, Trauma, and Healing {e219}
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Heart Centered Selling with Catherine Watkin {e218}
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Creating More Profit in your Business with Ben McAdam {e217}
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Clutter & Enoughness with Bre-An Appler {e216}
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Daily Shifts towards Mindfulness with Doug Cartwright {e215}
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The Evolution of Business - A Conversation with Cate Stillman and Racheal Cook {e214}
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Wellpreneur Essentials - Eliminate, Automate, Outsource {e213}
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Why I Shut Down a Successful Business To Be More Aligned With my Work - With Katie Krimitsos {e212}
Show Details46min 34s
Wellpreneur Essentials - Designing Freedom in Your Business {e211}
Show Details26min 27s
Visibility & Alignment with Eleanor Beaton {e210}
Show Details42min 13s
Connecting with your Ancestors with Daniel Foor of Ancestral Medicine {e209}
Show Details38min 44s
Mama Medicine Founder Deborah Hanekamp {e208}
Show Details35min 36s
Love Your Life with Selina Barker {e207}
Show Details40min 20s
Returning to Ancestral Homelands with Toni Newton-Acquah {e206}
Show Details39min 26s
Ideal Day Meditation {e205}
Show Details15min 7s
Josh Axe, Ancient Nutrition and DrAxe.com {e204}
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Be a Free Range Human with Marianne Cantwell {e203}
Show Details41min 41s
Real Wellpreneur: Susi Hately {e202}
Show Details36min 12s
Catherine Edsell, Expedition Leader and a Mom {e201}
Show Details33min 49s
Business of being Well with Zoe and Erica of HTW {e200}
Show Details34min 53s
Case Study: Holistic Food Coach and Personal Chef Sachiko Marchand Grows by Moving 100% Online {e199}
Show Details36min 23s
Revolutionizing Wellness Industry: Meghan Dowd of Cado {e198}
Show Details25min 6s
Real Wellpreneur: Nagina Abdullah {e197}
Show Details36min 26s
Real Wellpreneur: Maria Claps {e196}
Show Details33min 46s
Bring the Spark Back to Your Work! {e195}
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Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing of Wellness Ingredients with Sana Javeri Kadri {e194}
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Wellness is for Everyone {e193}
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Health Coaching and Health Care with Dr. Chatterjee {e192}
Show Details41min 40s
Naturopath Physician and Digital Nomad Dr. Alexis Shields {e191}
Show Details40min 22s
Focusing on your Strengths with Jenny Tschiesche {e190}
Show Details30min 36s
How to Speak Your Truth and Find Your Voice with D'Arcy Webb {e189}
Show Details32min 37s
Integrity Cleanse with Martha Beck {e188}
Show Details53min 20s
Hosting a TV Show with Personal Chef Alia Dalal {e187}
Show Details54min 16s
Health Lab Founder Jess Thomas on Selling Physical Wellness Products {e186}
Show Details33min 37s
Natural Foods Chef Ceri Jones Grows with a Blog and Multiple Income Streams {e185}
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Successful Retreat Planning with Delamay Devi {e184}
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Wellness Industry Trends with Lauren Armes {e183}
Show Details33min 7s
Creating Freedom and Flexibility in Business and Life {e182}
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Social Media and Personal Branding with Esther Jacobs {e181}
Show Details38min 20s
Dr. Aviva Romm on Thyroid Health and Entrepreneurship {e180}
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Using data to market your Wellness Business with John Ainsworth {e179}
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How to save 40 hours a month in your Wellness Business {e178}
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Your Most Asked Questions about Growing Your Wellness Business {e177}
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Build a brand that matters with J. Nichole Smith {e176}
Show Details40min 5s
Healthy food industry insights with Paddy Spence {e175}
Show Details38min 51s
Selling your Wellness Business with Sara Dean {e174}
Show Details35min 42s
Starting your own school with herbalist Pam Fischer {e173}
Show Details42min 53s
Do your best work everyday with Todd Henry {e172}
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Legal coverage for wellpreneurs: all about GDPR and HIPAA with Lisa Fraley {e171}
Show Details29min 12s
Public Speaking for Wellpreneurs with Alexia Vernon {e170}
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Affiliate Marketing for health and Wellness Business {e169}
Show Details24min 21s
Focus and Time Management with Bree Argetsinger AKA Betty Rocker {e168}
Show Details36min 1s
Legal Basics for Wellness Business with Sam Vander Wielen {e167}
Show Details36min 50s
Men in Wellness: Online Crossfit Coach Ben Dziwulski {e166}
Show Details41min 32s
PR for Wellness Business with Janet Murray {e165}
Show Details37min 18s
Creating a niche: From pro athlete to media career with Margaret Schlachter {e164}
Show Details49min 54s
Wellness at work: Corporate Wellness Services with Sophia Rose {e163}
Show Details48min 45s
How to sell more with Matthew Kimberley {e162}
Show Details44min 31s
Being more aligned with yourself with Jules Schroeder {e161}
Show Details43min 2s
Changing your niche and finding your true calling with Anna Rova {e160}
Show Details40min 37s
Launch a New 30 Day Health Coaching Program {e159}
Show Details36min 2s
Personal Branding with Erica Blair {e158}
Show Details31min 20s
What Top Coaches Do Differently with Julie Parker {e157}
Show Details39min 1s
Shannon Kaiser of Play With the World {e156}
Show Details28min 40s
Money Mindset for Wellness Entrepreneurs with Denise Duffield-Thomas {e179}
Show Details40min 7s
Taking Optometry Online with Travis ZIgler {e154}
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Conferences and Events! {e153}
Show Details25min 46s
Instagram for Wellness Business with Briena Sash {e152}
Show Details35min 31s
Overcoming Fear with Kamilla Holst {e151}
Show Details32min 56s
Medicinal Soups with Peggie Zih {e150}
Show Details38min 18s
Want to work with Moms on Self-Care? {e149}
Show Details24min 9s
Sadie Lincoln of Barre 3 {e148}
Show Details36min 4s
Target Market Myths {e147}
Show Details24min 43s
Start Where You Are with Elizabeth Rider {e146}
Show Details34min 16s
Real Wellpreneur Corinne Dobbas {e145}
Show Details27min 38s
Genetic Testing with Benita Perch ND {e144}
Show Details32min 32s
Email Overwhelm with Willo O'Brien {e143}
Show Details45min 24s
Intuitive Business with Holly Worton {e142}
Show Details28min 21s
Make Facebook Fun Again! {e141}
Show Details23min 30s
Money Mindset with Hilary Hendershott {e140}
Show Details33min 22s
Crowdfunding in Wellness Business with Khierstyn Ross {e139}
Show Details28min 4s
Decluttering your Business {e138}
Show Details26min 31s
How to get started as a Health Coach with Michelle Pfennighaus {e137}
Show Details28min 15s
#RealWellpreneur Andrea Nakayama {e136}
Show Details39min 13s
Shawn Stevenson of The Model Health Show {e135}
Show Details46min 19s
Selling Self-Care and Shame-Free Marketing with Sara Dean {e134}
Show Details36min 30s
Website Crashes and Community with Sistermixin' (part 2) {e133}
Show Details33min 59s
Sistermixin's Tracey and Jo talk Physical Products (part 1) {e132}
Show Details35min 37s
No More Click Bait with Stella Orange {e131}
Show Details40min 11s
Being Ultra Spiritual with JP Sears {e130}
Show Details32min 32s
Pivoting to Play with Alexandra Jamieson {e129}
Show Details30min 8s
Accepting Help in Your Business with Chris Reynolds {e128}
Show Details37min 27s
Miracle Mindset with JJ Virgin {e127}
Show Details33min 31s
Jill Grunewald #RealWellpreneur {e126}
Show Details43min 4s
Flatland BMX Rider Terry Adams {e125}
Show Details30min 5s
Belief and Business with Food Matters Filmmaker James Colquhoun {e124}
Show Details36min 16s
Meditation in your Wellness Business with Sonesence {e123}
Show Details31min 6s
Want more clients? Ask these 4 questions. {e122}
Show Details20min 27s
Creating Corporate Wellness Programs with Lawrence Mitchell {e121}
Show Details32min 37s
Multi-Entrepreneur and Mama Dee Cheung {e120}
Show Details27min 1s
Grow your Wellness Business with Pinterest {e119}
Show Details29min 29s
Practical Perfection with Kelly Exeter {e118}
Show Details32min 37s
Conscious Business Coach Willo O'Brien {e117}
Show Details36min 7s
Fermentationist Summer Bock {e116}
Show Details42min 23s
Darya Rose, PhD {e115}
Show Details33min 14s
Using Intuition in your Business {e114}
Show Details14min 59s
Meghan Telpner #RealWellpreneur {e113}
Show Details33min 5s
Cyndi O'Meara #RealWellpreneur {e112}
Show Details31min 53s
Real Wellpreneurs: The Merrymaker Sisters {e111}
Show Details33min 25s
Finding the flow with Wilson Meloncelli {e110}
Show Details29min 45s
Your Legal Questions Answered with Lisa Fraley {e109}
Show Details32min 11s
Personal Chef Lacey Baier Finds the Sweet Spot in Business {e108}
Show Details31min 17s
The Healthy VA Joanna Mitchell {e107}
Show Details22min 20s
Making Friends with the Media with Lisa Simone {e106}
Show Details32min 18s
Jonathan Goodman of Personal Trainer Development Center {e105}
Show Details41min 19s
Sonalie Figueiras of Green Queen and Ekowarehouse {e104}
Show Details40min 43s
Being an Ecopreneur with Bobsy {e103}
Show Details32min 31s
Offline Business Building with Gabrielle Pelicci {e101}
Show Details33min 30s
Create an online program that gets results with Breanne Dyck {e101}
Show Details39min 13s
Allison Stevens Schaaf of Prep Dish {e100}
Show Details28min 17s
Wellness Career Chat Part 4: Online vs. In Person {e99}
Show Details37min 53s
From $30k to $2 Million with Leonie Dawson {e98}
Show Details39min 3s
{e111} Wellness Career Chat Part 3: Getting Paid / Exchanging Value with the Marketplace
Show Details35min 29s
Creativity and Community with Elizabeth Duvivier {e96}
Show Details41min 12s
Wellness Career Chat Part 2: Being Seen {e95}
Show Details30min 24s
Organic Growth System: Turn Website Visitors into Paying Clients {e94}
Show Details30min 19s
Wellness Career Chat Part 1: Competition vs. Collaboration {e93}
Show Details31min 17s
Email Marketing for Health and Wellness Businesses with Nathan Barry {e92}
Show Details35min 11s
Teaching Yoga Online with Brett Larkin {e91}
Show Details38min 23s
Facebook Ads with Claire Pelletreau {e90}
Show Details32min 30s
Your Creative Sandbox with Melissa Dinwiddie {e89}
Show Details36min 38s
Real Health Coaches: Ciara Foy {e88}
Show Details35min 12s
Reaching 1,000 subscribers with Natasha Richardson {e87}
Show Details43min 40s
Real Health Coaches: Alexx Stuart {e86}
Show Details42min 35s
Your Irresistible Brand with Phil Pallen {e85}
Show Details44min 32s
Breaking through Fear with Anne Perry of Business Heroine Magazine {e84}
Show Details40min 32s
Creating a Superfood Box with Superfoodio {e83}
Show Details29min 50s
Online Launching with Lori Kennedy {e81}
Show Details35min 33s
Being a TedX Speaker with Adria DeCorte {e80}
Show Details34min 45s
Freelance Wellness Writer Diana Kelly {e79}
Show Details33min 58s
Acupuncturist Kit Yoon Grows Online Through a Clean Eating Challenge #realwellpreneur {e78}
Show Details35min 1s
Real Health Coaches: Megan Rand {e77}
Show Details35min 18s
Real Health Coaches: Andrea Beaman {e76}
Show Details39min 49s
Package your brilliance into an online course with Janet Kafadar {e75}
Show Details40min 15s
Creating the Health Bloggers Community with Fab Giovanetti {e74}
Show Details31min 43s
How to make $5k per month in your health coaching business {e73}
Show Details35min 5s
Real Health Coaches: Heidi Symonds {e72}
Show Details36min 19s
Writing a book that builds your business with Angela Lauria {e71}
Show Details35min 21s
Eliminate Website Shame with Laura Husson {e70}
Show Details40min 33s
Growing Wellness Wonderland with Katie Dalebout {e69}
Show Details45min 16s
Real Health Coaches: Colleen McCarthy {e68}
Show Details33min 59s
The keys to getting media coverage with Janet Murray {e67}
Show Details41min 13s
Real Health Coaches: Maggie Christopher {e66}
Show Details44min 38s
Real Health Coaches: Marla Bozic {e65}
Show Details37min 8s
Dreams of Location Independence - How One Health Coach Made the Leap {e64}
Show Details35min 19s
YogaHealer.com's Cate Stillman on Competition and Collaboration {e63}
Show Details36min 57s
Building a local community with online marketing {e62}
Show Details35min 17s
Getting Started as a Coach with Hillary Rubin {e61}
Show Details41min 58s
How my morning routine has changed (listener question!) {e60}
Show Details24min 9s
Can you have too many opportunities and ideas? {e59}
Show Details25min 8s
Overwhelm and the beauty of Evernote {e58}
Show Details21min 4s
Easy and Effective Workshop Planning {e57}
Show Details21min 22s
The Myth of Quitting Your Day Job {e56}
Show Details28min 9s
Spring Clean your Products + Services {e55}
Show Details27min 50s
Spring Clean Your Email List {e54}
Show Details23min 22s
Spring Cleaning Your Website {e53}
Show Details23min 17s
Planning a Successful Retreat with Triptribe {e52}
Show Details28min 27s
Being a Non-Profit Wellpreneur with Peggie Sherry {e51}
Show Details31min 43s
Yoga + Podcasting with Elsie Escobar {e50}
Show Details43min 41s
7 ways to monetize your website {e49}
Show Details21min 15s
Goal setting & productivity with Rachel Feldman {e48}
Show Details42min 44s
Do Your Photos Help or Hurt Your Brand? With J Nichole Smith {e47}
Show Details38min 9s
Behind the Scenes The Journey To a Satisfying Online Business with Heather Rampolla {e46}
Show Details27min 10s
Real Health Coach: Get Your Wellness Business Started with a Bang with Tracy Harrison {e45}
Show Details32min 19s
Public Speaking Secrets to Grow Your Coaching Business with Alysa Rushton {e44}
Show Details36min 38s
Your Online Community Can Do the Marketing for You! with Laurie Villarreal {e43}
Show Details25min 56s
What It's Really Like Working with a Virtual Assistant {e42}
Show Details24min 45s
How to Hire Your First Virtual Assistant {e41}
Show Details19min 14s
Do You Need a Virtual Assistant? {e40}
Show Details21min 5s
Eliminate Hidden Fear of Success through EFT Tapping with Claire P. Hayes {e39}
Show Details48min 3s
Publishing and Marketing your First Book with Ronnie Nijmeh {e38}
Show Details33min 36s
Introverted Entrepreneurship with Tanja Gardner {e37}
Show Details25min 34s
Instagram to grow your wellness business with Sue B Zimmerman {e36}
Show Details29min 15s
Multi-Passionate Wellness Entrepreneur Kimberly Wilson {e35}
Show Details30min 14s
Get More Paying Clients with Corrina Gordon-Barnes {e34}
Show Details27min 50s
Create an Authentic Health Coaching Practice with Julie Santiago {e33}
Show Details28min 39s
Let your Inner Compass Guide your Business Growth with Heather Day {e32}
Show Details31min 20s
Thinking BIG in your Wellness Business with Jana Schuberth {e31}
Show Details34min 14s
The Business of Belief with Tom Asacker {e30}
Show Details35min 55s
Make the Most of Your Corporate Job (While Starting Your Wellness Business) with Lawrence Mitchell {e29}
Show Details31min 27s
Simplify Social Media for your Wellness Business with Holly Worton {e28}
Show Details31min 49s
Naturopath and Mother Caroline Cain Becomes Location Independent {e27}
Show Details39min 22s
Behind the Scenes: Managing an Online Business, Productivity and Schedules {e26}
Show Details20min 11s
Yoga Teacher Erica Mather moves her in-person business online {e25}
Show Details32min 56s
Find More Time for your Business with Holistic Time Coach Julie Gray {e24}
Show Details31min 55s
How Herbalist Melanie St. Ours Went Online, Doubled her Business and Got Better Patient Results {e23}
Show Details41min 38s
Get Media Coverage for Your Wellness Business with the UK's "Queen of Holistic Living", Janey Lee Grace {e22}
Show Details32min 5s
Overcome your Fear of Public Speaking with KC Baker {e21}
Show Details34min 12s
Social Media Tips for Health and Wellness Coaches with Laura Roeder {e20}
Show Details33min 51s
Growing a Natural Beauty Brand with Adina Grigore of S.W. Basics of Brooklyn {e19}
Show Details42min 9s
First Year of a Wellness Membership Site: Kevin Geary of Rebooted Body {e18}
Show Details30min 24s
Creating Luxury Wellness Vacations with Linden Schaffer of Pravassa Wellness Travel {e17}
Show Details31min 15s
Copywriting and Communication for Wellness Entrepreneurs with Nikki Elledge Brown {e16}
Show Details33min 14s
Just Start . . . and Never Give Up! with Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness {e15}
Show Details32min 41s
Being a Single Mother and an Entrepreneur with Mama Glow founder Latham Thomas {e14)
Show Details39min 13s
Creating Paleo Empire Mark's Daily Apple with Mark Sisson {e13}
Show Details28min 34s
Building an Engaged Community for your Online Coaching Program with Lisa Consiglio Ryan {e12}
Show Details33min 9s
Do-It-Yourself PR for Wellness Businesses with Christina Daves {e11}
Show Details25min 35s
Start Living Your Dream Life Now with Nisha Moodley {e10}
Show Details37min 40s
Use Twitter to Grow Your Coaching Practice with Melanie Cobb {e10}
Show Details35min 21s
How Health Coach Jen Morris Markets her Online Detox Programs {e08}
Show Details31min 7s
Start Your Wellness Business Faster with Health Coach Liz Brazier {e08}
Show Details31min 20s
Publish a Book for Your Health Coaching Business with Lindsey Smith, Food Mood Girl {e06}
Show Details36min 10s
Legally Protect Your Growing Wellness Business with Lisa Fraley {e05}
Show Details32min 20s
How Health Coach Jennifer Fugo got on the Dr. Oz show (and got 18k Facebook Likes in one year!) {e04}
Show Details35min 55s
Create a Business That Fits Family Life with Health Coach Michelle Pfennighaus {e03}
Show Details26min 38s
List Building and Online Programs for Health Coaches with Rachel Feldman {e02}
Show Details30min 24s
Business Planning for Creative Entrepreneurs with Jenn Lee {e01}
Show Details27min