Interview with Dr. Roli Chauhan

37m | Sep 13, 2022

Dr. Roli Chauhan is a multitalented person, an Entrepreneur in Finance & eCommerce, a TV & Radio personality, a Digital Artist and Fashion Model. Aside from being a medical doctor graduated in India, she has a special passion for fashion, beauty, photography, entertainment, performing arts and all things creative.

She has been featured in The Platform Magazine, Newsbutterfly TV, Elite Mastermind IGTV series of " Think and Grow Rich", "Empowering Women Radio & Inspiring Lives TV Show" and "The Rhyme Impersonator Show " amongst many others. As a fashionista she has also walked the New York Couture Fashion Show runway and is currently a founding member of the Vogue Magazine's First Global Fashion "Vogue Club".

Her motto is to simply pursue all that makes your heart feel alive.

Instagram : rolichauhanofficial

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