Interview with Maria E. Abreu from "The ART of Travel"

Season 1 | Episode 4
27m | Aug 9, 2022

On our next Podcast episode, we had the opportunity to speak with Maria E. (a.k.a. Genia) Abreu who among her interests are traveling, global networking, intuition, gastronomy, lifestyle, self-improvement, Feng Shui, and sports. She come from a solid, scientific base as an agricultural engineer at the start of her career.

The key to her success is a solid belief in herself and a sharp-witted character that helps her establish an immediate connection with almost anyone. She was shaped by her traveling's, curiosity, and eagerness to learn. Her unlimited and open-minded way of thinking had made her a strong believer in the potential of people.

"I’m a seasoned traveler and life-skill coach with a passion for helping people. I like and respect diversity"

I have developed leadership skills from my own life experience and higher education, and I continue to deepen this base. My world journeys have expanded my perspective and enriched my communication skills. I now use all these acquired tools to coach successfully mainly within a holiday/traveling context.

I will work with you to bring you to your own magic and inspirational space. I will be at your side to clarify your desires, to support you in the process of holding on to your special vision. I look forward to helping you upgrade your skills, grow your potential, and make life plans coming from your new, positive perspective.

Maria E. Abreu

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