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Akashvani is a program that covers daily news and analysis, which. helps in keep updating you in this fast pace world and make you smarter everyday.


Akashvani 10th May' 2022: Hypertension in Indians & Other News. 
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Akashvani 9th May' 2022: Cyclone Asani, Russia’s Victory Day & Other News. 
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Akashvani 8th May' 2022: CPCB, Operation Satark & Other News. 
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Akashvani 7th May' 2022: Sri Lankan President declared Emergency again & Other News. 
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Akashvani 6th May' 2022: Rbi Repo Rate, CPCB & Other News. 
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Akashvani 5th May' 2022: 2nd India-Nordic Summit, Karl Marx & Other News. 
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Akashvani 4th May' 2022: Operation Satark, Sedition Law & Other News. 
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Akashvani 3rd May' 2022: World Press Freedom Day, Anang Tal Lake & Other News.
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Akashvani 2nd May' 2022: E-Shram Portal, Niti Ayog & Other News. 
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Akashvani 1st May' 2022: Natural farming need of the hour, says NITI Aayog & Other News. 
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Akashvani 30th April' 2022: World Immunisation Week 2022 & Other News. 
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Akashvani 29th April' 2022: Cabinet approves amalgamation of CDC with CSIR & Other News. 
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Akashvani 28th April' 2022: Karnataka that is at the forefront of malaria control & Other News. 
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Akashvani 27th April' 2022: To counter China's BRI, MEA launches growth model & Other News. 
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Akashvani 26th April' 2022: World Intellectual Property Day 2022 & Other News. 
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Akashvani 25th April' 2022: National Panchayati Raj Day 2022 & Other News. 
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Akashvani 24th April' 2022: WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine & Other News. 
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Akashvani 22nd April' 2022: Human-animal conflict, Earth day 2022 & Other News.
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Akashvani 21st April' 2022: INS Vagsheer, Civil Service Day & Other News. 
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Akashvani 20th April' 2022: Bengaluru Karaga Temple Festival & Other News. 
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Akashvani 19th April' 2022: Ayushman Bharat, International Water Week & Other News. 
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Akashvani 18th April' 2022: UDAN Scheme, e-DAR Portal & Other News. 
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Akashvani 17th April' 2022: Ambedkar Jayanti 2022 (14 April) & Other News. 
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Akashvani 16th April' 2022: April's ‘Pink Moon’ to light up the sky this weekend & Other News. 
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Akashvani 15th April' 2022: Egypt Approves India as Wheat supplier & Other News. 
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Akashvani 14th April' 2022: UN recognises Mumbai as a ‘Tree City of the World’ & Other News. 
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Akashvani 13th April' 2022 : Jallianwala Bagh Massacre & Other News
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Akashvani 12 April' 2022: Atal Innovation Mission , International Day of Human Space Flight & Other News.mp3
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Akashvani 11 April (2022) : What is Fortified Rice, Lakshya Zero Dumpsite & Other News
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Akashvani 10th April' 2022: Monetary Policy Committee & Other News
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Akashvani 9 April' 2022 : Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana & Other News
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Akashvani 8 April (2022): Sarasvati Samman 2021 & Other News
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Akashvani 7th April, 2022: World Health Day, Atal Bhujal Yojana & Other News
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Akashvani 6th April' 2022: Fundamental Duties, Melting of Glaciers & Other News.
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Akashvani 5th April, 2022 : Stand Up India Scheme, ISA & Other News.mp3
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Akashvani 4th April, 2022 : Uniform Civil Code, CBI & Other News.mp3
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Akashvani 3rd April, 2022 : Minorities Status, Bucharest Nine & Other News.mp3
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Akashvani 2nd April, 2022 : Olive Ridley, Antarctica & Other News Bill.mp3
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Akashvani 1st April, 2022 : Vanniyar Quota, Rajya Sabha & Other News.mp3
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Akashvani 5th March, 2022 : Stree Manoraksha Project, Shane Warne Death & Other News
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