The Air It Out Podcast

The Air It Out Podcast is a podcast hosted by Lucas Schuh. Lucas has worked in many different areas of the sports industry and talks about the NFL and many topics surrounding it in a serious and sometimes not so serious way


Episode 31: Awards and Wild Card Weekend Predictions
Show Details32min 18s
Episode 31: Week 17 Picks
Show Details18min 35s
Episode 30: Week 15 Picks
Show Details30min 38s
Episode 29: Week 14 Picks
Show Details26min 29s
Episode 29: Week 13 Picks
Show Details27min 5s
Episode 28: Week 12 picks
Show Details26min 8s
Episode 27: Week 11 Picks
Show Details32min 16s
Episode 26: Week 10 Picks
Show Details28min 15s
Episode 25: The Green Bay Packers and Week 9 picks
Show Details28min 8s
Episode 24: Week 8 Picks
Show Details28min 12s
Episode 23: Week 7 Picks
Show Details20min 43s
Episode 22: Guest Sam Hays and Week 6 Picks
Show Details45min 46s
Episode 21: Guest Brad Spielberger and Week 5 Picks
Show Details1hr 28min
Episode 20: Guest Cal Meaders and Week 4 picks
Show Details1hr 43min
Episode 19: Week 3 picks and guest Alex Kujawa
Show Details1hr 12min
Episode 18: Week 2 Picks and Guest Paul Duncan
Show Details1hr 35min
Episode 17: NFL Award/Division Predictions and Week 1 Preview
Show Details36min 25s
Episode 16: Best defensive position groups
Show Details22min 50s
Episode 15: Ranking the best offensive units In the NFL
Show Details31min 29s
Episode 14: The NFL Top 100 and COVID and the NFL
Show Details53min 23s
Episode 13: Teams who are going to take a step forward and backwards
Show Details45min 38s
Episode 12: Guest Paul Duncan of XTB (Expand the Boxscore)
Show Details1hr 15min
Episode 11: Guest Marcus Whitman (That Franchise Guy)
Show Details36min 19s
Jamal Adams trade destinations and Dak Prescott Vs
Show Details38min
Episode 10: ESPN ReDraft Thoughts
Show Details43min 3s
Episode 9: PFF Top 50 and Best Players Under 25
Show Details43min 29s
Episode 8: Guest Alex Kujawa
Show Details51min 36s
Episode 7: Sophomore breakouts and sophomore QBs
Show Details32min 4s
Episode 6: The teams doing it right, The teams doing it wrong, and the Green Bay Packers
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 5: AFC Draft Review
Show Details56min 37s
Air It Out Podcast Draft Episode 4: Guest Paul Duncan
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 3: Guest Paul Duncan
Show Details1hr 25min
Episode 2: Power Rankings, Week 1 recap, Week 2 Picks
Show Details51min 59s
Episode 1: Power Rankings and the Value of Running Backs
Show Details58min 51s