Create A Podcast Using Artificial Intelligence

6m | Sep 16, 2021

Take it from me when I say that podcasting can be an incredible time drain.

With all of the benefits available from podcasting, its biggest downfall is the time it takes to produce them.

Using Artificial Intelligence will cut the time you are spending producing podcasts by 70%.

It is so much faster than the traditional method you will be able to release several podcasts simultaneously!

Imagine the income potential.

Let's look at the benefits of podcasting.

Podcasts are easier to consume than videos.

This is a big benefit.

Listeners to your podcast aren't stuck in front of a screen.

That means it doesn't slow them down. They can still participate in other activities while listening like:

- Driving.

- Exercising.

- House chores.

- Preparing meals.

- Working in the garden.

- Artistic work like drawing or painting.

- Hanging out at the coffee shop.

- Developing websites or programming.

Using AI to create podcasts can turn a Cottage Business into a scalable business.

Learn more in this podcast episode.

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