Making Money with Mini Drones

7m | Sep 12, 2021

Making Money with Mini Drones

The term drone has been used from the early days of aviation, being applied to remotely-flown target aircraft used for practice firing of a battleship's guns, such as the 1920s Fairey Queen and 1930s de Havilland Queen Bee. Later examples included the Airspeed Queen Wasp and Miles Queen Martinet, before ultimate replacement by the GAF Jindivik. The term remains in common use.

Unmanned aerial vehicles were originally developed for military missions too "dull, dirty or dangerous" for humans. They had become essential assets to most militaries. As control technologies improved and costs fell, their use expanded to many non-military applications. These include aerial photography, product deliveries, agriculture, policing and surveillance, infrastructure inspections, science, smuggling, and drone racing.

There are various ways that drones could also be used to make money.

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