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Agents of Travel

Secret agents from the National Travel and Tourism Office interview guests on their previous travels with the mission to book each guest their perfect trip. At the end of the podcast, the agents each give a sample itinerary for our guest's dream vacation and they choose which trip they would rather go on. (Sadly, we currently do not have the actual funding to send anyone on their chosen trip.)


Marcy Jarreau - Iceland Off
Show Details1hr 15min
Mari Takahashi - Fish Out Of Water At Her Own Wedding
Show Details1hr 29min
Rekha Shankar - Travels With Dad
Show Details1hr 5min
Tommy Bowe - Shaken Patron Shot
Show Details1hr 11min
Jake Jabbour - The "Responsible" One
Show Details1hr 27min
Mia Schauffler - Reluctant Traveler
Show Details1hr 16min
Kevin Rygg - Arm Wrestling A Bar In Japan
Show Details1hr 13min
Liz Reichelt - Here We Go!
Show Details1hr 1min