Agape Ministries

How precious a privilege it is for us to study God’s word and let us, like Mary who sat at Jesus’ feet, pay close heed to what the Lord is teaching us from His Word. We welcome you to the Agape Fellowship where we study the Bible verse by verse.


Matthew E10: When traditions are not subjected to the word.
Show Details39min 17s
Matthew E9: Elijah returns
Show Details21min 29s
Matthew E8: The forerunner
Show Details24min 44s
Matthew E7: God's protection plan
Show Details26min 48s
Matthew E6: Breaking News in the palace
Show Details26min 3s
Matthew E5: Celestial Signs
Show Details26min 17s
Matthew E4: Traditions surrounding Jesus’ birth
Show Details33min 2s
Matthew E3: Interesting personalities in the lineage of Jesus
Show Details25min 15s
Matthew E2: The lineage of Jesus
Show Details19min 32s
Matthew E1: Introduction to Matthew
Show Details20min 48s
Habakkuk E9: Rejoice, regardless.
Show Details24min 31s
Habakkuk E8: Trusting God amongst crisis
Show Details26min 2s
Habakkuk E7: His mercy is more
Show Details25min 53s
Habakkuk E6: Persevere till the end
Show Details24min 59s
Habakkuk E5: The just shall live by Faith!
Show Details30min 27s
Habakkuk E4: Waiting on God
Show Details21min 38s
Habakkuk E3: Sovereignty of God
Show Details27min 18s
Habakkuk E2: The Lord's Answer
Show Details23min 13s
Habakkuk E1: WHY Lord?
Show Details25min 41s