After Awakening

After Awakening is a show about meditation and enlightenment where masters and meditation teachers share their wisdom and realizations on the spiritual path. The aim of this show is to help seekers on their journey through stories, advice, and instruction from teachers who’ve dedicated their lives to dharma and practice. Here you’ll find a variety of perspectives and experiences on the multi-faceted gem of spiritual enlightenment.


Ron Schlegel Rewiring the Subconscious
Show Details1hr 23min
Dawn Dhammadhida Teaching Dhammakaya Meditation
Show Details1hr 2min
Tina Rasmussen Jhana & Non-duality
Show Details1hr 49min
Tina Rasmussen Prelude & Meditation Terminology
Show Details12min 9s
Who Am I?
Show Details8min 43s
What Is After Awakening?
Show Details3min 54s