• Is honesty always the best policy

    Growing up I've always been told I am blunt and honest as if that is a bad thing, over the years I've learned the way you say things matter but is lying ever acceptable?

    15m | Jun 6, 2022
  • #04: Protect That Man

    I know sometimes our partners get on our nerves and make us say things that we will regret or open doors for other people to say things about your partner orrrrrr maybe you are not showing up for your partner the way you should. This is just about how to show up for your man. I feel like for a whole month I wasn't being the girl friend my man deserves so I changed somethings around and you can to before its to late.

    14m | May 29, 2022
  • #03: Let's Get Married

    I feel like it's a lot of pressure to get our lives together in our 20s and get married! Is getting married in our 20s to young?

    15m | May 22, 2022
  • #02 : Is It Fair For Men In Relationships?

    I personally don't fully believe in unconditional love but if we are going to talk about it, I don't think it's fair for men out here when it comes to love. Us as women (sometimes) expect so much when it comes to men and they are suppose to love us unconditionally, but do you give that same love to your man or do you treat him like a pet?

    15m | May 15, 2022
  • #01 : Let's Talk Mental Health

    Recently I developed Health Anxiety and I think this is one of the worse things I ever had to deal with. For a while I was feeling alone until I talked to other people with the same problems I was having. I want anyone listening to this episode to know you are not alone with what you are feeling and it's others out there as well. I hope my tips help at least a little bit.

    53m | May 8, 2022
  • #00 : Intro

    Just an intro to what you will be looking forward to on the podcast, I look forward to seeing you in other episodes

    2m | Apr 30, 2022
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