Help, I Have TOO Many Passions | Prioritizing What Matters & Embracing Your True Calling

Season 3 | Episode 13
42m | Jun 3, 2024

In this episode, Tyra dives deep into the journey of prioritizing passions and finding purpose amidst a world of endless possibilities. Sharing her personal struggles of navigating a multitude of interests while striving to focus on what truly fills her up. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese concept of ikigai, she explores the importance of aligning passion, mission, vocation, and profession to discover one's true purpose.

This week’s Affirmation is  “I trust my intuition to guide me toward my true passions.”

3 Biggest Takeaways:

The Power of 'No': Recognizing that our 'no' is a powerful tool for prioritizing passions and focusing on what truly matters in life.

Discovering Your Ikigai: Embracing the Japanese concept of ikigai to align passion, mission, vocation, and profession in pursuit of purpose and fulfillment.

Overcoming FOMO: Shifting from a mindset of scarcity to abundance, and trusting that there is enough time and opportunity to pursue passions fully, without the pressure to do everything all at once.

16 Questions:

  1. 4 people you’d like to help
  2. 4 habits you’d like to develop
  3. 4 gifts you can give the world
  4. 4 places you’d like to travel to
  5. 4 ways your life could end up
  6. 4 versions of yourself you can be
  7. 4 projects you’d like to finish now
  8. 4 skills/hobbies you’d like to learn
  9. 4 charities you can involve yourself with
  10. 4 things you do that really turn you on
  11. 4 changes you’d like to make in your life
  12. 4 ways you could make the world see you
  13. 4 ways you can make your true self proud
  14. 4 things you can do that makes you money now
  15. 4 things you’d do if you had all the money you need
  16. 4 things you can do so much better than most people

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