Dr. Cyd Ropp on The Gnostic Myth Simplified

1h 4m | Apr 2, 2024

Scratch your head sometimes at the byzantine Gnostic cosmogonies and cosmologies? Don’t worry as Dr. Cyd Ropp returns to the Virtual Alexandria to discuss her new book, A Simple Explanation of the Gnostic Gospel of the Tripartite Tractate. Her insights on the Valentinian work reveal a clear, logical, but profound theology for cosmic liberation and divine remembrance – a wisdom of the ages other mystics have spoken about. She’ll extend her Gnosis-making machine to other Gnostic concepts, allowing us a clear picture of the Demiurge, the Logos, the Pleroma, Aeons, and reincarnation. It’s so simple you’ll laugh at the idea of “secret knowledge.”

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