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100 Days 100 Clips Challenge

100 days of presenting diversified content from the Mimbar (pulpit). Featuring 15+ scholars and a variety of topics filled with the teachings of the Quran and Ahlulbayt.


DAY 100: The Mystical Birth Of The Lady Fatima | Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi
Show Details8min 34s
DAY 99: How Islam Interacts With Persons With Special Needs? | Sheikh Azhar Nasser
Show Details9min 37s
DAY 98: Abbas Ibn Ali Through The Words Of Imam Sadiq | Sheikh Mohamed Abbas Panju
Show Details13min 24s
DAY 97: 3 Reasons Why Islam Encourages Sports | Sayed Hossein Qazwini
Show Details8min 51s
DAY 96: Are You Sincere Towards Ahlulbayt? | Sheikh Nuru Mohammed
Show Details11min 8s
DAY 95: How Prepared Are We For Imam Mahdi's Reappearance? | Sheikh Mohammed Hilli
Show Details11min 10s
DAY 94: Did Imam Ali Support Early Caliphs? | Sayed Ahmed Qazwini
Show Details13min 42s
DAY 93: Supporting Your Spouse In Goodness and Trials | Syed Muhammad Rizvi
Show Details8min 52s
DAY 92: Time Management In Islam From Imam Musa al-Kadhim | Sheikh Usama Al-Attar
Show Details12min 29s
DAY 91: Islamic Family Values From Hadith Al-Kisa | Sayed Baqer Qazwini
Show Details12min 9s
DAY 90: Love Of Holy Prophet For Jafar Tayyar (Maqtal/Masaib) | Sayed Ammar Nakshawani
Show Details12min 9s
DAY 89: Change The Way You Look At Challenges | Sheikh Javad Shomali
Show Details7min 52s
DAY 88: Why Our Youth Is Becoming Non-Religious? | Sheikh Mohamed Abbas Panju
Show Details6min 24s
DAY 87: Why Human Beings Are Created Weak? | Sheikh Shabbar Mehdi
Show Details10min 24s
DAY 86: Islam and the Etiquette of Walking | Sheikh Abdul Jalil
Show Details11min 40s
DAY 85: What Does Islam Say About Bad Luck? | Sayed Hossein Qazwini
Show Details6min 51s
DAY 84: 2 Islamic Guidelines On Raising Children | Sayed Mahdi Modarresi
Show Details13min 48s
DAY 83: Understanding The "Kursi" in Ayat al-Kursi | Sheikh Mohammed Hilli
Show Details9min 39s
DAY 82: Rights of Employer and Employee in Islam | Sheikh Azhar Nasser
Show Details12min 4s
DAY 81: How Scholars of Islam View Magic? | Sayed Ahmed Qazwini
Show Details13min 33s
DAY 80: Importance and Ethics of Traveling in Islam | Sayed Moustafa Qazwini
Show Details10min 56s
DAY 79: Importance of Writing Your Agreements In Islam | Sayed Muhammad Rizvi
Show Details13min 27s
DAY 78: Working Women In Islam | Sayed Baqer Qazwini
Show Details12min 11s
DAY 77: How To Ensure That My Dua Is Accepted? | Sheikh Nuru Mohammed
Show Details11min 22s
DAY 76: How to Develop Spirituality and Irfan? | Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi
Show Details10min 47s
DAY 75: Is Women Really Empowered In Islam? | Sheikh Usama Al-Attar
Show Details13min 13s
DAY 74: Do You Really Love Ahlulbayt? Here Are Few Conditions | Sheikh Jehad Ismail
Show Details13min 20s
DAY 73: Learning Conflict Resolution From Ahlulbayt | Sheikh Javad Shomali
Show Details9min 40s
DAY 72: Was Karbala A Struggle For Power? | Sheikh Shabbar Mehdi
Show Details8min 11s
DAY 71: Want Success? Seek Tawfeeq | Sheikh Mohammad Shomali
Show Details13min 43s
DAY 70: Key To Successful Reform | Sheikh Khalil Jaffer
Show Details9min 17s
DAY 69: Tawakkul In Allah: What Does It Mean? | Sayed Hussain Makke
Show Details7min 15s
DAY 68: What Does Allah o Akbar Really Mean? | Sheikh Mohammed al-Hilli
Show Details9min
DAY 67: How Animals Rights Are Protected In Islam? | Sayed Hossein Qazwini
Show Details6min 27s
DAY 66: New Year? Target These 2 Goals! | Sheikh Abdul Jalil
Show Details15min 1s
DAY 65: One Thing To Remove Darkness From Heart | Sheikh Azhar Nasser
Show Details7min 22s
DAY 64: How Lady Fatima Protected Wilayah? | Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi
Show Details5min 28s
DAY 63: 3 Reasons Why Lady Fatima Was Called Umm Abiha? | Sheikh Nuru Mohammed
Show Details8min 38s
DAY 62: Are you a Narcist? Here's a Checklist! | Sayed Mahdi Modarresi
Show Details11min 59s
DAY 61: Had A Dream? What Does It Mean? | Sayed Ahmed Qazwini
Show Details12min 15s
DAY 60: Key Lesson From The Life of Prophet Jesus | Sayed Baqer Qazwini
Show Details6min 42s
DAY 59: Celebrating Christmas: Halal or Haram? | Sayed Muhammad Rizvi
Show Details6min 49s
DAY 58: Are Women Really Created From Bent Rib? | Sayed Moustafa Qazwini
Show Details9min 34s
DAY 57: Defending Islam Intellectually - Story of Al-Kindi | Sheikh Usama Al-Attar
Show Details7min 33s
DAY 56: What Made Zubayr Go Against Imam Ali? | Sayed Muhammad Rizvi
Show Details8min 34s
DAY 55: Can Science and Religion Ever Come Together? | Sheikh Khalil Jaffer
Show Details11min 49s
DAY 54: One Quality Imam Mahdi Want His Followers To Develop | Sayed Hussain Makke
Show Details10min 28s
DAY 53: How Just One Sin Can Change Your Life! | Sayed Mahdi Modarresi
Show Details11min 55s
DAY 52: Importance of Protecting & Preserving Environment In Islam | Sayed Hossein Qazwini
Show Details9min 4s
DAY 51: Can You Really Stand For Justice? | Sheikh Jehad Ismail
Hide Details8min 47s

We all want to fight for justice and raise voices for the oppressed. But are we just with our stand against injustice? What if we are guilty of injustices ourselves in our daily life? 

Listen to Sheikh Jehad Ismail as he points out our prejudiced call for justice and how it may lead to committing unforgivable sins.

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8min 47s
Published Jan 15, 2022 at 1:00pm
DAY 50: Facing Difficulties? Here Is The Real Reason! | Sheikh Abdul Jalil
Show Details8min 58s
DAY 49: One Habit to Build Strong Self Dignity | Sheikh Shomali
Show Details6min 52s
DAY 48: Importance of Vegetarianism & Physical Fitness In Islam | Sheikh Azhar Nasser
Show Details7min 52s
Clip 47: Do You Own Your Muslim Identity? | Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli
Show Details6min 59s
DAY 46: 3 Islamic Ways To Organize Your Life | Sheikh Nuru Muhammed
Show Details6min 52s
DAY 45: Imam Mahdi's Letter For His Followers | Sayed Ahmed al-Qazwini
Show Details7min 12s
DAY 44: 3 Characteristics That Make Death Painful | Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi
Show Details13min 13s
DAY 43: What Stops Us From Receiving Blessings of Allah? | Sheikh Khalil Jaffer
Show Details13min 13s
DAY 42: Why Allah Did Not Send Any Female Messengers? | Sayed Moustafa Qazwini
Show Details12min 52s
DAY 41: Islam Wants You To Be Rich, But... | Sayed Mahdi Modarresi
Show Details12min 52s
DAY 40: Winter Is The Spring For Believer | Syed Muhammad Rizvi
Show Details5min 42s
DAY 39: Creating Unity through Difference of Opinion | Sheikh Jehad Ismail
Show Details5min 12s
DAY 38: Can We Believe In An Unseen God? | Sheikh Abdul Jalil
Show Details7min 34s
DAY 37: Why Muslims are in a Mess? | Sheikh Usama Al-Attar
Show Details14min 47s
DAY 36: A Beautiful Story To Stop You From Overthinking | Sheikh Mohammed Hilli
Show Details5min 37s
DAY 35: One Key Benefit Of Fearing Death | Sayed Ahmed Qazwini
Show Details11min 58s
DAY 34: Why Allah created Genders? | Syed Hussain Makke
Show Details10min 46s
DAY 33: How to Minimize Sexual Advances At Workplace | Sayed Baqer Qazwini
Show Details9min 33s
DAY 32: How Islam Wants You To Have a Meal? | Sheikh Azhar Nasser
Show Details9min 49s
DAY 31: The Human Side of Holy Prophet | Sayed Mahdi Moderrasi
Show Details10min 7s
DAY 30: Imam Ali's Solution to Anxiety and Fears | Sayed Hossein Qazwini
Show Details6min 12s
DAY 29: The Tawheed of Grave Worshipers! | Sheikh Khalil Jaffer
Show Details7min 34s
DAY 28: Why did Imam Ali Advise Caliph Umar? | Shaykh Dr. Usama al-Atar
Show Details7min 29s
DAY 27: How to Break Free from Screen Addiction? | Sayed Baqer Qazwini
Show Details11min 30s
DAY 26: Does Islam Endorse Meditation? | Sayed Hussain Makke
Show Details12min 10s
DAY 25: Status of Children in Islam | Sheikh Mohammad Ali Shomali
Show Details7min 25s
DAY 24: What Is Causing Division Within Our Communities? | Sheikh Nuru Muhammed
Show Details14min 29s
DAY 23: One Thing Stopping You From Getting Close To Ahlulbayt | Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi
Show Details7min 31s
DAY 22: Listen This Before You Judge Someone | Sayed Mostafa Qazwini
Show Details9min 3s
DAY 21: Islam's Solution To OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) | Sayed Hossein Qazwini
Show Details9min 52s
DAY 20: Characteristics of the Awaiters of Imam Mahdi | Sheikh Mohammad Ali Shomali
Show Details12min 1s
DAY 19: How to Experience the Love of Allah in Life? | Sayed Baqer Qazwini
Show Details5min 32s
DAY 18: Joint Family vs Living Separate - Islamic Perspective | Syed Muhammad Rizvi
Show Details7min 30s
DAY 17: Planning To Get Married? Listen This First! | Sayed Mahdi Modarresi
Show Details7min 39s
DAY 16: Why & How to do Amr Bil Maroof Wa Nahi Anil Munkir | Sheikh Abdul Jalil
Show Details13min 32s
DAY 15: Islam & Questioning Your Choices | Sheikh Jehad Ismail
Show Details11min 26s
DAY 14: Can Modern Freedom Guarantee Good Life? | Shaykh Dr. Usama al-Atar
Show Details6min 39s
DAY 13: Why Sexual Misconduct is Prevalent in Society? | Syed Muhammad Rizvi
Show Details11min 25s
DAY 12: Why Allah choose Arabia for Holy Prophet? | Syed Hussain Makke
Show Details7min
DAY 11: 2 Things Stopping You From Gaining Wisdom | Sheikh Khalil Jaffer
Show Details9min 38s
DAY 10: How Many Children Allah Wants You To Have? | Sayed Mahdi Modarresi
Show Details14min 51s
DAY 9: Feeling down? Listen to this! | Shaykh Usama al-Atar
Show Details4min 4s
DAY 8: Should Muslims Be Politically Active? | Sayed Hossein Qazwini
Show Details7min 59s
DAY 7: Are Islamic Teachings & Beliefs Logical? | Sayed Moustafa Qazwini
Show Details8min 11s
DAY 6: Can A Muslim Feel Sad? | Sheikh Mohammad Shomali
Show Details8min 18s
DAY 5: One Complaint Holy Prophet Has From Muslims | Sheikh Abdul Jalil
Show Details9min 22s
DAY 4: Are Women Less Than Men? Answer From Quran | Sheikh Jehad Ismail
Show Details9min 58s
DAY 3: How To Invite People To Islam & Ahlulbayt? | Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi
Show Details10min 21s
DAY 2: How to Fight Loneliness? | Sayed Baqer Qazwini
Show Details10min 5s
DAY 1: 5 Key Features of Imam Ali's Leadership | Sheikh Nuru Mohammed
Show Details12min 50s