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Adventures in Collecting Toy Collecting Podcast

From Funko and WWE to Star Wars, Marvel, LEGO, and more, grab the cart and hit the aisles with Dave and Erik as they talk toy news, collecting, culture, and more!


The Best Figures of 2022 So Far
Show Details1hr 22min
AIC120: Third Week of June 2022
Show Details3min 21s
Grab a Slice! Action Figures, Gaming, and the Passion of Creating Toys with Toy Pizza's Jesse DeStasio
Show Details1hr 14min
AIC120 - First Week in June 2022
Show Details3min 18s
Gotta Snap Em All! Toy Photography, Card Breaks, Pokemon, and Dinosaurs with Nostalgic Adam
Show Details1hr 11min
AIC120 - Third Week in May 2022
Show Details3min 56s
Moon Knighting as a Toy Blogger - From the screen to the shelf with The Figure Report’s Michael Hernandez
Show Details1hr 1min
AIC120 - First Week of May 2022
Show Details3min 10s
Yo Joe! A Special Roundtable Discussion with the Hasbro GI Joe Team
Show Details1hr 40min
Spider-Man's 60th Anniversary Livestream - An Interview with the Hasbro Marvel Legends Team
Show Details21min 34s
A Swinging Good Time - 60 Years of Spider-Man Toys Feat. Toy Shiz
Show Details1hr 22min
Gotta Go Fast! 30 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog Feat. Craigsstuff
Show Details1hr 21min
AIC120 - First Week of April, 2022
Show Details3min 10s
The 2022 Wrestlemania Special: Our Favorite Wrestlemania Moments in Plastic
Show Details1hr 33min
AIC120 - Fourth Week of March 2022
Show Details3min 36s
Being the Elite: Talking AEW with Jazwares' Greg Mitchell
Show Details1hr 27min
The Art of the Toy: An Interview with DKE Toys Co-Founder Dov Kelemer
Show Details1hr 16min
AIC120 - First Week of March 2022
Show Details4min 57s
Catching Lightning in a Bottle: An Interview with Ricky from Plunderlings
Show Details46min 22s
AIC120 - Toy Fair (Kinda) Weekend 2022
Show Details3min 21s
From the Mosh Pit to the Pressure Pot: An Interview with Dollar $lice Bootlegs
Show Details1hr 24min
BONUS POD: February 2022 Roundtable with Emily and Patrick from Hasbro's Star Wars Team
Show Details34min 21s
New Fortnite From Jazwares in 2022: An Interview with Mike DeCamp and Enrique Ruvalcaba
Show Details1hr 10min
History, Fashion, and G.I. Joes: An Interview with Hasbro's Emily Bader
Show Details1hr 32min
AIC120 - Fourth Week of January 2022
Show Details3min 34s
You Made Our Wishlist: 2022 Toy Wishlist Featuring Craigsstuff
Show Details1hr 15min
AIC120: First Week of January 2022
Show Details2min 58s
The Best Toys of 2021
Show Details1hr 15min
AIC120: Fourth Week of December 2021
Show Details4min 7s
Adventures in 365 Days of Collecting: Documenting 2021 with Kastor's Korner
Show Details42min 57s
Ghosts of Christmas Past Vol. 3 - The Gift That Got Away Feat. Toyfarce
Show Details1hr 27min
AIC120: Second Week of December 2021
Show Details3min 21s
Metal Health: An Interview with Super 7 Designer Kyle Wlodyga
Show Details1hr 42min
AIC120 - Final Week of November 2021
Show Details3min 44s
More Than Meets the Eye: An Interview with Hasbro's Mark Maher
Show Details1hr 38min
AIC120 - Week of November 8th, 2021
Show Details3min 42s
Yo Joe! A Roundtable Conversation with Hasbro's Lenny and Emily from the G.I. Joe Team!
Show Details1hr 30min
Big Dreams and Tiny Toys: An Interview with Super Impulse President Alan Dorfman
Show Details50min 48s
Post Pulse Con 2021 Interview with Ryan, Dwight, and Dan from the Hasbro Marvel Legends Team
Show Details23min 14s
AIC120 - Final Week of October 2021
Show Details3min 56s
The 2021 Spooktacular - The Haunted Toy History of the Ouija Board
Show Details1hr 2min
AIC120 - Week of October 11, 2021
Show Details3min 36s
They Come to Life in Your Hands: Boglins, Sectaurs, and Muppets with Legendary Toy Designer Tim Clarke
Show Details1hr 6min
AIC120 - Final Week of September 2021
Show Details3min 36s
Shoot for the Moon! Wrestling, Toys, Junk Food, and Pop Punk Bands with Captain Yuma!
Show Details1hr 29min
The Art of the Toy-Lectible: An Interview with the Noble Collection's Julian Montoya
Show Details1hr 4min
So Real It's Like Being in the Ring: An Interview with Squared Circle Toys' Daniel Friedman
Show Details58min 30s
AIC120 - Happy 2 Year Anniversary to Adventures in Collecting
Show Details3min 40s
The Man of 1,000 Voices: An Interview with Voice Actor Tony Daniels
Show Details1hr 17min
Androids, Aliens, and Wizards: An Interview with Hasbro's Ryan Ting
Show Details1hr 11min
The Sofubi Revival: An Interview with Junk Shop Dog
Show Details57min 22s
AIC120 - Week of August 2nd, 2021
Show Details3min 16s
All Things WWE: An Interview with Mattel's Steve Ozer
Show Details1hr 13min
An Interview with Bandai America's Cisco Maldonado
Show Details1hr 3min
Walmart Collector Con 2021 Launch Special!
Show Details28min 32s
AIC120 - Week of July 12th 2021
Show Details3min 9s
An Interview with Hasbro Master Model Artist Tony Collela
Show Details1hr 24min
AIC120 - Final Week of June 2021
Show Details3min 24s
Lego Masters Season 2 with Brickmasters Amy and Jamie
Show Details30min 59s
AIC120 - Week of June 13th, 2021
Show Details3min 3s
Celebrating 25 Years of Pokemon with Jazwares!
Show Details1hr 59min
The Best of 2021 (So Far) Featuring J Hernandez
Show Details2hr 15min
AIC120 - Final Week of May 2021
Show Details3min 34s
Toy Photography, Hairstyling, and Activism: an Interview with BlainerThings
Show Details1hr 34min
AIC120 - Week of May 9th, 2021
Show Details3min 10s
Make Mine Mego with Mego's Marty Abrams and Dr. Mego and Think 3Fold's Kenneth Siemens
Show Details56min
AIC120 - Week of April 25th, 2021
Show Details3min 39s
An Interview with Diorama Prints' Rachel Theron
Show Details30min 12s
AIC120-Week of April 12th, 2021
Show Details3min 13s
A Flocking Good Time with The Loyal Subjects' Jonathan Cathey and Think 3Fold's Kenneth Siemens
Show Details1hr 13min
AIC120 - Final Week of March 2021
Show Details3min 1s
Charapros, NFTs, and Birthday Wishes
Show Details1hr 2min
AIC120 – Week of March 15th, 2021
Show Details3min 1s
An Interview with Jazwares' Magic Olmos
Show Details56min 37s
AIC120 – First Week of March 2021
Show Details3min 24s
An Interview with Spin Master's Brock McLaughlin
Show Details49min 38s
AIC120 - Week of February 15th, 2020
Show Details3min 15s
The Toy Association 2021 Toy of the Year Awards
Show Details59min 21s
An Interview with Diamond Select Toys' Zach Oat
Show Details57min 20s
Wouldn't It Be Cool If - Volume 1
Show Details1hr 2min
The Best Toys of 2020 Featuring Kastor's Korner
Show Details1hr 49min
Ghosts of Christmas Past Vol 2 Feat. Toy Shiz
Show Details1hr 1min
An Interview with Hasbro's Steve Evans
Show Details1hr 4min
An Interview with Legendary Toy Designer Stefanie Eskander
Show Details1hr 11min
Celebrating 35 Years of Super Mario
Show Details1hr 18min
An Interview with Hasbro's Leonard Panzica
Show Details53min 31s
An Interview with Bluefin's Justin Cavender
Show Details1hr 25min
The 2020 Halloween Special!
Show Details1hr 11min
An Interview With Killer Bootlegs Creator Peter Goral
Show Details1hr 4min
An Interview with The Loyal Subjects' CEO Jonathan Cathey
Show Details53min 23s
Here's to At Least One More - The AIC Year One Anniversary Special
Show Details1hr 31min
Time Travel and Toy Collecting: A Conversation with Zombie Sailor
Show Details1hr 13min
An Unrivaled Hunt for the Jazwares AEW Figures
Show Details1hr 17min
The 2020 San Diego Comic Con Recap Episode
Show Details1hr 42min
Fortnite Extravaganza: An Interview with Jazwares' Mike De Camp
Show Details1hr 6min
2020 Con-Exclusives and Setting Rules to Keep Your Collection in Check
Show Details1hr 6min
An Interview with Jazwares' Jeremy Padawer
Show Details48min 3s
Erik is Spending Way Too Much Money During Quarantine
Show Details54min 4s
An Interview with Brian Volk-Weiss, Creator of The Toys That Made Us and A Toy Store Near You
Show Details46min 15s
An Interview with the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast's Matt Cardona
Show Details34min 30s
An Interview with McFarlane Toys' Tye Butler
Show Details48min 8s
An Interview with Lego Brickmaster and Lego Masters Judge Jamie Berard
Show Details39min 35s
Let Us In - Our Biggest Toy Wants from Wrestlemania 36
Show Details54min 49s
Staying Home with Toy Shiz: The Social Distancing Toy Collector Edition
Show Details51min 27s
BONUS POD 1 – In Interview with Christoph Brown - AKA The Amazing Etch Man and the World's Fastest Etch-A-Sketch Artist
Show Details7min 53s
Diving Into Store Exclusive Toys
Show Details52min 59s
2020 NY Toy Fair Recap Feat. Interviews with Todd McFarlane, Lego's Amy Corbett, and AEW's Kenny Omega and Adam Page!
Show Details1hr 15min
An Interview with Star Wars The Black Series Artist, Gregory Titus
Show Details57min 28s
"Can you para-dig it?" Toys to Life and More with Heather's Boyfriend
Show Details1hr 26min
Customization, Secret Clubs, and Infants: An Interview with WeaponX Customs
Show Details29min 52s
The Best in Toys: 2019 Edition
Show Details52min 25s
The Ghosts of Christmas Past Vol. 1
Show Details51min 38s
Wrestling, Star Wars, and Spaceships: An Interview with Yuma
Show Details44min 50s
Toys on Film: Netflix's The Toys That Made Us Season 3
Show Details57min 43s
"Don't be that person..." The Toy Hunting Edition
Show Details52min 1s
Halloween 2019 – Horror Toys Featuring Dave Potosnak from the Calling all Creeps Podcast
Show Details1hr 2min
"We do this perfectly every time," or The Baseball Toys Episode.
Show Details49min 37s
Gwenpool, Dr. Aphra, Penguins, and Breaking Toy Barriers: An Interview with Heather Antos
Show Details38min 33s
Chasing That Phantom Moment: All-Time Favorite Moments in Collecting
Show Details36min 59s
Toy Conventions, Toy Fairs, and Toy Shows oh my!
Show Details25min 40s
Adventures in Collecting Podcast Trailer
Show Details32s