Ep. 1027: How to Beat Monday - Revisited - Mike Chambers

49m | May 3, 2024

Originally aired November 8th, 2021

Summiting mountains in South America, bikepacking in the desert and climbing classic big wall routes sound like epic adventures that you’d have to save lots of vacation days for, right? The travel alone would take up at least a day or two, especially for any international trips. Not to mention making arrangements for other responsibilities like kids, pets, work, etc. 

Mike Chambers and his adventure partner, Jason Antin, think otherwise. In fact, they think you can leave the office on Friday at 5pm, have an adventure of a lifetime and be back at work at 9am on Monday. Is it easy? Of course not. Is it worth it? C’mon now. 

It all started when Mike was living in Boston and Jason was based in Colorado and the two came up with the bright idea of summiting Mt. Rainier in a true weekend. To the astonishment of the park rangers that hesitantly granted them the permit, their plan worked. Although the morning meetings that Monday were not as productive as they usually were, they both walked away with a pretty epic response to the age-old question, “what did you do this weekend?” 

Once the concept of Beat Monday was proven, Jason and Mike began dreaming of what else could be possible with this format. Bikerafting, big wall climbing, ultrarunning, and international travel began to fill their weekends and was even made into an OutsideTV series, Beat Monday. 

Mike is joining us today to tell us about what he’s learned through the Beat Monday mindset and what’s possible for you to beat whatever your Monday is. 

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