• S3E4 - Leaders Series, with September Student of the Month Aaron Ramos

    Join us this month for a conversation with SAITSA's Vice President Aaron Ramos. SAIT and SAITSA are going through a major milestone accompanied by a facelift with their centennial anniversary and building makeover, SAITSA is lucky to have a leader like Aaron.

    33m - Sep 29, 2022
  • S3E3 - Leaders Series, with August Student of the Month Kaedee Fythe, and Jonathan Bilodeau

    Join us this month as we interview NAITSA's Kaedee Fythe. We talk about planning a post-pandemic orientation, meaningful consultation, and much more.

    1h 2m - Aug 31, 2022
  • S3E2 - Leaders Series, with guests Alysha Kuntz & Naomi Pela

    Join us this month as we interview SAMHC's Alysha Kuntz. We talk about her SA's Goals, experiences with transferring from Saskatchewan to Alberta, and ASEC's Goals Conference.

    25m - Jul 29, 2022
  • S3E1 - Leaders Series, with guest Magdalena Beukes

    Join Vice President External Magdalena Beukes as we speak about The Kings University, ASEC, her goals for the year, and much more.

    29m - Jun 30, 2022
  • S2E2 Politics and Governance

    Join Students' Association of Bow Valley College Director of External Affairs Austin Deck and Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Students' Association President Liam Hunter as we discuss governance structures at at their SA's and the local political landscape in the Alberta student context. Find out what ASEC has done to be the voice of Post-Secondary Students in Alberta. Connect with ASEC further at albertastudents.ca

    S2E2 - 1h 9m - Jun 13, 2021
  • S2E1 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

    Join Red Deer College Students' Association VP Academic Shannon Humphrey and Lethbridge College Students' Association President Ednna Stobschinski as we discuss equity, diversity, and inclusion in the Alberta student context. Find out what ASEC has done to embrace diversity as a core value. Connect with ASEC further at albertastudents.ca

    S2E1 - 28m - Jun 11, 2021
  • S1E10 Student Leadership Comes to an End

    Long time student leaders Brittany and Chloe talk about their advice for students on the way out of their elected positions.

    34m - Apr 27, 2021
  • S1E9 CROSSOVER Episode with the Asterisk!

    Ryan Morstad and Liam Hunter from the SAIT Students' Association podcast "The Asterisk" join us here at Advancing Education for talk about the new SAITSA governance model and some trivia!

    50m - Mar 29, 2021
  • S1E8 Talking Olds College and Agriculture with Michael Frankiw

    Michael Frankiw joins the show to talk about his pathway from agriculture student, to student leader, to life after college. Bonus discussion includes our take on "Yellowstone" an agri-drama starring Kevin Costner, and on how sad we are that COVID-19 kept us from hosting a conference in Olds, Alberta last year. Good times would surely been had!

    57m - Mar 17, 2021
  • S1E7 ASEC (Pre-Internet) Shenanigans!

    Join Chris Chelmick, Cherie Sawaryn, Amie Elponoria and myself (your host Emmanauel) as we talk about how ASEC got started where we are now!

    We also talk about how cheap tuition used to be, the dramatic increase in responsibility expected of student leaders now, and what it was like attending post-secondary before services like health and dental coverage and the U-PASS were commonplace.

    1h 4m - Mar 8, 2021

    ASEC Executive Director Jonathan Bilodeau, NAITSA Advocacy Director Jason Roth, and your host (me) discuss the fallout of the Alberta 2021 budget announcement and our predictions (we were wrong)

    47m - Mar 1, 2021

    Listen to this episode for our predictions on what Alberta Budget 2021 has in store for Alberta post-secondary.

    52m - Feb 24, 2021
  • S1E4 Free Textbooks! Starring Chloe, Ryan, and Brittany

    Join us for a group discussion on how Open Educational Resources (or OERs) make a HUGE difference in the lives of students from polytechs, universities, or colleges.

    With representatives from each of the above institutions, we have Chloe Collins- a Board member and VPEX from AUARTSA, Ryan Morstad- Board member and President of SAITSA, and last but not least, ASEC's very own Madam Chair and President of SARDC Brittany Lausen.

    38m - Feb 15, 2021
  • S1E3 Knockout Interest! With Tanysha Klassen from the BCFS

    This ASEC NEWS episode of Advancing Education is talking about the "knockout Interest" campaign started by the British Columbia Federation of Students. The campaign now has more than 700,000 students behind it and will be featuring a week of action from February 8th to 12th, 2021. Check it out!

    19m - Feb 8, 2021
  • S1E2 Sexual Violence in Post-Secondary

    Alberta's students are calling for reforms to their schools' sexual violence policies.

    Students don't feel protected by their institutions. They feel like their complaints and disclosures aren't taken seriously, and that the institutionally-specific resolution processes don't offer results.

    Listen to this episode to hear more about our call to reform sexual violence policies in post-secondary across Alberta.

    1h 6m - Feb 5, 2021
  • S1E1 Interview with Advanced Education Minister Demetrios Nicolaides

    Getting involved in your community as a student leader really opens doors. In this interview, Advanced Education Minister Demetrios Nicolaides speaks with Advancing Education on now his time as a student leader led to his current career and more.

    E1 - 33m - Jan 28, 2021
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