Addiction Talk

A talk show dedicated to sharing the personal stories of celebrities, influencers and everyday people impacted by addiction. Through sharing our personal journeys, we break the stigma and shame, and provide hope and inspiration for the millions of Americans battling this disease every day - because we recover together.


#7 - Kassi Underwood - Meditation Advisor at Harvard
Show Details30min 25s
#6 - Navy SEALs and Army Veterans - Mental health discussion
Show Details46min 9s
#5 - NFL Players - Matthew Slater, Patrick Venzke, Derek Price, Beasley Reece
Show Details52min 6s
#4 - Tawny Lara - Bisexual NYC-based writer dubbed “The Sober Sexpert”
Show Details37min 26s
#3 - Ben Higgins from ABC’s “The Bachelor”
Show Details36min 36s
#2 - Kirstin Walker - Creator of the blog
Show Details33min 46s
#1 - Nick Santonastasso - Born without legs and his right arm
Show Details32min 42s