Deep Sleep Meditation | Surrender into the Present Moment and Let Go

Episode 271
1h 1m | May 26, 2024

Let it all go tonight. Trust the present moment and know that everything will work out. Surrender to love, so you can let go of fear. Enjoy the peace that comes from surrendering.

The spiritual practice of surrendering and the lesson you learn when you allow and accept isn’t about giving up. Surender and acceptance are about letting go of the unnecessary added layer of suffering that comes when you resist and fight reality. Surrendering gives you the strength and freedom to look for a different way and make a change. It allows you to move out of being a victim. It puts you in the flow state so you can receive the support of the universe.

“Surrender is like a fish finding the current and going with it.” ~Mark Nepo

Meditation written and read by Sara Raymond

Music Credit: Enlighten Me (Theta) by Christopher Lloyd Clarke


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