Acatalepsy Pod 201

Acatalepsy originates from Greek and means that human knowledge never amounts to certainty but only to plausibility. Let us show you how we hold onto this philosophy and how beneficial it can be to you as well. We realized that today's society and at-times also ourselves are often full of ego and not that open-minded, and our mission is to change that. We also want our podcast to be a place of reflection and a vehicle of support for all those young people who find themselves lost in life or confused. If you can relate, don't worry because that's normal, we are going through that too. On our podcast, the mantra is simple, share your opinion but forget about your current belief system when listening to other's people perspectives. That is necessary for us humans to keep moving forward since our ego and one-dimensional thinking lead us to subconsciously accept reality by how it has been presented to us, instead of what it could be.

Welcome! We are Angelica & Leonardo, and this Acatalepsy Pod 201.