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Academy Award Theater

Academy Award was a CBS radio anthology series that presented 30-minute adaptations of plays, novels or films. The program's title is listed in one source as Academy Award Theater. Rather than adaptations of Oscar-winning films, as the title implied, the series offered "Hollywood's finest, the great picture plays, the great actors and actresses, techniques and skills, chosen from the honor roll of those who have won or been nominated for the famous golden Oscar of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences."


Academy Award Theater_46-12-18_(39)_Lost Angel
Show Details30min 15s
Academy Award Theater_46-12-11_(38)_The Enchanted Cottage
Show Details29min 54s
Academy Award Theater_46-12-04_(37)_Portrait Of Jennie
Show Details27min 28s
Academy Award Theater_46-11-27_(36)_Lost Horizon
Show Details27min 5s
Academy Award Theater_46-11-20_(35)_Brief Encounter
Show Details27min 40s
Academy Award Theater_46-11-13_(34)_Night Train
Show Details27min 56s
Academy Award Theater_46-11-06_(33)_Cheers For Miss Bishop
Show Details28min 47s
Academy Award Theater_46-10-30_(32)_Suspicion
Show Details25min 19s
Academy Award Theater_46-10-23_(31)_The Devil And Miss Jones
Show Details29min 20s
Academy Award Theater_46-10-16_(30)_Blood On The Sun
Show Details25min 53s
Academy Award Theater_46-10-09_(29)_It Happened Tomorrow
Show Details28min 14s
Academy Award Theater_46-10-02_(28)_My Man Godfrey
Show Details29min 54s
Academy Award Theater_46-09-25_(27)_Guest In The House
Show Details29min 6s
Academy Award Theater_46-09-18_(26)_The White Cliffs Of Dover
Show Details27min 51s
Academy Award Theater_46-09-11_(25)_Shadow Of A Doubt
Show Details23min 29s
Academy Award Theater_46-09-04_(24)_Pinocchio
Show Details27min 46s
Academy Award Theater_46-07-24_(18)_Foreign Correspondent
Show Details29min 49s
Academy Award Theater_46-05-04_(06)_Stagecoach
Show Details28min 21s
Academy Award Theater_46-08-14_(21)_Vivacious Lady
Show Details13min 51s
Academy Award Theater_46-07-31_(19)_Hold Back The Dawn
Show Details29min 54s
Academy Award Theater_46-08-21_(22)_The Keys Of The Kingdom
Show Details26min 50s
Academy Award Theater_46-08-28_(23)_One Sunday Afternoon
Show Details29min 9s
Academy Award Theater_46-08-07_(20)_The Watch On The Rhine
Show Details28min 48s
Academy Award Theater_46-06-29_(14)_A Star Is Born
Show Details29min 20s
Academy Award Theater_46-07-10_(16)_Young Mr. Lincoln
Show Details28min 45s
Academy Award Theater_46-07-17_(17)_The Prisoner Of Zenda
Show Details29min 1s
Academy Award Theater_46-07-03_(15)_The Maltese Falcon
Show Details27min 29s
Academy Award Theater_46-06-15_(12)_Pride Of The Marines
Show Details28min 17s
Academy Award Theater_46-06-08_(11)_Ruggles Of Red Gap
Show Details28min 10s
Academy Award Theater_46-06-01_(10)_Arise, My Love
Show Details29min 42s
Academy Award Theater_46-06-22_(13)_The Front Page
Show Details30min 2s
Academy Award Theater_46-05-25_(09)_The Informer
Show Details29min 13s
Academy Award Theater_46-05-18_(08)_My Sister Eileen
Show Details29min 27s
Academy Award Theater_46-04-13_(03)_The Life Of Louis Pasteur
Show Details29min 8s
Academy Award Theater_46-04-20_(04)_The Great McGinty
Show Details29min 15s
Academy Award Theater_46-04-27_(05)_Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
Show Details28min 11s
Academy Award Theater_46-05-11_(07)_If I Were King
Show Details28min 19s
Academy Award Theater_46-03-30_(01)_Jezebel
Show Details28min 53s
Academy Award Theater_46-04-06_(02)_Kitty Foyle
Show Details29min 59s