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Share about trusting us at 11 Thai Ha

Our Thai Ha General Hospital is a long-term private company on the basis of medical examination and treatment of 4 major departments including:

Our facility is located at 11 Thai Ha, Hanoi city. The clinic was born with the campaign under the license of the Department of Health. As well as to answer the diagnosis of whether we are low Thai Ha will be based on each person's opinion. Your own assessment of the test will be extremely important in whether it is low or not. However, the factors and advantages that Thai Ha clinic is preserving include:


To judge that we are private, it is of low quality, good quality or should not look at the medical facilities and equipment that the area has. Having advanced equipment and machinery will make testing and treatment more effective and safe. At Thai Ha, each prevention room and treatment area are located separately. Thereby making the treatment simpler and more comfortable. On the other hand, the possibility of infection from different men will not exist. The excellent function rooms of our medical team at Thai Ha include:

When evaluating whether Thai Ha clinic is cheap, you also need to consider and pay attention to this factor.

system of medical doctors testing and treating diseases

Although it is only a private clinic, we have many experienced experts in the field and have worked in many large clinics across the country. When coming here for examination, patients can completely trust the qualifications and skills of male gynecologists. Not only that, right from the moment they step into the clinic, the patient will recognize the warm, wholehearted situation from the reception to the time of going home. Thereby, helping sick people have psychological comfort when examining and treating male diseases.

costs of medical testing and treatment are open and transparent

The cost of medical examination and treatment is one of the big concerns every time we come to one of us, so much. At Thai Ha, all information about fees will be transparent and informed to the patient in advance. Many people have the idea that where the best place to go is to get tested, it is very easy to lose money without realizing a dangerous disease. for the most part, higher fees will lead to better service reputation.

Many underground private clinics will have ambiguous and unclear costs. However, when coming to Thai Ha clinic, questions about the cost of medical tests and treatments will be announced online and only if the patient's permission is allowed to collect money.

Medical testing and treatment services during and outside working hours

An advantage that private clinics have compared to public dispensaries is mainly after-hours examination and treatment services. If you think about us, Thai Ha General Clinic is cheap to say, the clinic operates from 8 am to 8 pm every day of the week, including holidays. Through this, patients can arrange the most convenient work to conclude themselves for examination and treatment.

– The system of staff, specialists, and doctors will advise you on all your problems and bewilderment free of charge 24/24 via HOTLINE: 18006953 or Zalo: 0388 036 248 and consult via the Fanpage above. Facebook, …

– Answering staff is ready to help along with giving a discount code, giving priority to the patient. Through this, the patient saves and prepares to put their own time on top.

Information security.

With all due respect to the sick person, all information that the sick person visits will be carefully stored with no disclosure to the third party.

The field of examination and treatment at us Thai Ha General Hospital

One criterion to judge whether or not Thai Hanoi General Hospital is the clinic's field of operation. Specialized clinics only have the effect of examining and treating fixed medical conditions that will make patients difficult during examination. The areas in which we Thai Ha operate include:

– Social diseases: Chlamydia, genital warts, blackheads, genital herpes, gonorrhea, …

- Infertility and infertility conditions in all ages and genders.

Treatment at Thai Ha clinic

One criterion for evaluating whether Thai Ha is good should not be universally expressed through the effectiveness of testing and treating dangerous diseases. Depending on the case of the disease, each male friend has different medical examination and treatment effects. The specialist doctor of De Kinh recommends that the patient should visit the doctor periodically (usually every 6 months), to promptly detect the symptoms of the disease and treat according to the protocol of the specialist doctor. The new faculty is highly effective.

Thai Ha clinic is still using treatment methods including internal medicine, surgery and therapy. Medical treatment with some drugs is used for infectious diseases, painful swelling, lymphadenopathy, vaginal thrush, vaginal infections, menstruating diseases, testicular pain. , … the doctors will do specific tests, make very important examinations, to diagnose

Favor a clear and scientific treatment process for the patient alone.

Many patients are having problems and do not know whether the medical treatment of Thai Ha clinic is low. Because patients often ask to identify a quality, reputable, and worthy male medical facility to greet. If you choose the wrong place, it will make money disappear, waste time without healing.

Come to us Thai Ha you will be answered about the treatment measures along with the cost of treatment need not worry. Currently, Thai Ha clinic is using many advanced and modern therapies in surgical treatment such as: hemorrhoidectomy HCPT, treatment of warts by ALA-PDT, gonorrhea by DHA technique, circumcision. circumcised by the Korean method, …

Review about us Thai Ha General Hospital of the patient

The following patients, when visiting us for treatment of dangerous diseases, Thai Ha gave some evaluations about us as follows:

Ms. Hoang Anh (Hiep Hoa) used to treat blocked fallopian tubes at us. Thai Ha left an opinion about the clinic: "Duc Lang Quan's wife has been trying to conceive for a few years now, but she doesn't see pregnancy. , had been to a doctor in many areas and was told that I had blocked fallopian tubes so it was not easy to get pregnant, and had been treated in many places. Introduced by a male acquaintance, I came to Thai Ha to visit and treat. After being examined and treated according to the protocol of a specialist doctor, her disease has ended. Currently, she is 5 months pregnant. I am completely satisfied with the professional situation of the medical team here. Thank you very much to the doctors who have enthusiastically treated my conclusions."

Mr. Tuan Tu (Bac Ninh) treats genital herpes at us. Thai Ha gave a reply about the clinic: "Due to a careless "love", he unfortunately contracted herpes. Through information survey, I have been to Thai Ha clinic for examination and treatment. Under the time of strictly following the medical treatment process of the doctor, I was completely cured. I am very grateful to our team of specialists who have treated me from my diagnosis.”

Most of the patients who have been, are going to be tested and treated for male diseases at Thai clinic Hanoi have the same feeling of satisfaction about the reliability and service that we provide. In many situations, they also refer male close friends and friends to visit. That partly brings about the quality of Thai Ha clinic, but most importantly, the pride that has been used to give the patient's heart in the best way.

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