How I made $1000 from My Product Launch on WarriorPlus

8m | Jul 27, 2020

So unfortunately, I have not been doing as many podcasts as I anticipated I'd be doing. And the reason for that it I'm going to talk about in this in this episode. So basically over the last sort of couple of weeks, I have been really go for it. Hammer and tongue is I think that's what they call it to try and get my latest product up and out there and in front of affiliates and ultimately in front of new students, potential students. And the good news is, is that I managed to do that. And I launched the product on Saturday the 25th and it is now Monday the 27th of August. So, you know, it's just over, over those few hours Really? I guess. So a few days I should say. And and well, the one thing I want to say is, first of all, this is my biggest launch yet, I've definitely made the most amount of money, the most affiliates the most connections, and it's definitely the top of my list. And this is I think, my third Soto launch on warrior plus a, and I, and I've done one joint product product. And this is what my fourth, I guess. And every single one of those launches, I've learned so much, including this one that I've made some mistakes, some things that I've done differently. I've had some feedback on things that I'm like, Yeah, I should put more time into that more effort. And what I did with this, I did slightly different. I had an idea in mind, and I decided to just set a date. Which was only about two or maybe two weeks away from, from the launch, and I just went for it. I thought, okay, I'm not gonna, like I'm just gonna set that they put that day in the diary and nothing. I will launch that product no matter what. And I really went for it. And yeah, so Hydra Hydra males, I said, how's your profits again, my products mixed up Hydra males was launched a couple days ago. And the funny thing was, is that during the time of the launch, I was actually on a date. That's the only date and I had to say to my date, I was like, and I'll have to keep checking my phone because I was like, I was like, away from home. I went to where they live. Had a very nice time, actually. Anyway, so. So I was like, I explained what I was doing, and it always sounds a bit dodgy, doesn't it? He always sounds like a big pyramid scheme. I think they sort of got it though. And yes, I was constantly saying Oh, I just need to check my phone check my phone too much. And it was quite exciting because as the as the money went up I was able to share with them what I was doing and they were like quite impressed and nice conversation anyway that's actually relevant. So yeah, so I hydro miles was launched. And I was quite nervous because of course, when you first launch a product, you're totally like, is anyone actually even gonna buy this is this you know, you put your love and your heart into something which you probably shouldn't get too emotionally attached to a b so do you can't help it. And you're like, you know, what, if there's another big launch, there was a couple around and But no, I did well, and to date, I am just $13 off making off a been a $1,000 launch. So let me I'm just gonna put my this is. Yeah, so it's just about it's just about just shy of $1,000. So I'm going to be kind to myself and rounded. Up to $1,000 because because I'm worth it, I see it as $1,000 launch and stay on a $60 Well, it was $60 launch. So I'm not quite sure how much I've actually going to pocket from that. And of course out of this, we have to take a competition where people are winning competitions. So the way I look at it, I mean, if you're fairly new to this, then one of the things that surprises people about this whole process is that you don't really make that much money with a product launch unless it's like a big product launch. But even if it's a big product launch, you're probably gonna have big prizes. So let's say you know, you've got prizes that that go into the thousands and you have to give away quite a lot of that money anyway, so you probably don't really make that much money and even though this is $1,000 launch, I'm really not making that much money I'm making some which is nice. And it's definitely pay for my date.

So it was like a free date and but yeah, What I have made is obviously, quite a lot of contacts in the backend. So my email list has gone up. I think the other thing that I've really made from this over the last few days that I've learned and I really need to bear in mind for my next launch is a is is my context of May with other affiliates this launch definitely I've been I've made more contacts and had more conversations and more interactions with other affiliates big some couple of big launches that have been really kind to me and one of these I'm just here, surnames rose I'm sorry, Mr. Rose, I've got your first name. I'm just gonna look it up now because I want to give a shout out because it's just been really nice having having these

having these guys on board,

Phillip Marcus, Joe Hanson is another guy that has been really kind Give me a shout out and just give me a couple of couple of couple of sales. And it's been really, really generous. So yeah, Johnny rose as well as be super generous, so shout out to him. And so what's nice is that, you know, these guys aren't going to try and reciprocate as much as possible. And as I grow as an affiliate marketer, I can, you know, build the relationship with them and hopefully repay the favour at some time when I've got a bigger list. So the one thing that I do want to say just towards the end of this is, product launches are a lot of work. You just have to set a date and just stick to it. And it builds upon itself. So if you're really new, your first launch may not be that great and just you just have to sort of go for it. This is my fourth launch look say it's a lot of work even to get to number four, but this one is definitely worth it. So now I'm excited for my fifth launch. And this one will tell you about now because why I've actually done is when I was putting together hiring for males, I actually started recording the process that I was going through and, and put together and cracking courses, cracking, cracking those in the, the the sea monster, but also the rum, which most people probably know crappiness. And so what I did is a record of the whole process and record the mistakes, I got some stuff wrong, but I kept I've kept that in the course. And so if you're interested in how I put together a hydro mails, the good and the bad side, and the results and the way I've connected with affiliates, and then check out Hydra males, which should be a comment with bait off the top of my head, but it's basically can be around the middle of August. If you want to get on board with that and be an affiliate, that's great if you want to just buy the product and learn how how I put this whole thing together then that's great.


yeah, so so basically this is just a short podcast, just tell me tell you a little bit about it. mails and how it's gone so far. And also just to tell you about tracking courses that will be out towards the end of the month. So I'm Paul Tilley Digital

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