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6m | Jul 29, 2020

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AffiliateESY review, AffiliateESY that's going to be AffiliateESY . Alright so this is a review of AffiliateESY and my name is Paul Tilly and I am from Paul Tilley and welcome to this review. And yeah, so very quickly let's dive in with no messing around basically AffiliateESY . I'm gonna call it facilities I'm not really sure if that's how it's pronounced I'm sure it is, is basically a plugin for your WordPress site or for a brand new WordPress site. And actually quite like this, this really is a you know, within 60 seconds you could have this uploaded and working and going for it and hopefully, you could rank and get some really interesting sort of money from this was Was which is great it is what we all want in this world that we operate in, in in a market. So affiliate is he is like say you just download it, plug it in and away you go. And I would this, this is sort of products that I feel would be good for people probably newbies really good for new beers because it's so easy and a really good for if you just want like something on the side, that's just going to generate some income, or and the other thing that I would really do with this is basically have it linked to your own site. So basically I'll create a chain effect, which you can do really well and basically would rank and you'd have that as something that would point to your main site. Okay, so I'm going to go through a couple of points about AffiliateESY and we can sort of explore that. So basically, it's done for you hand picked Rico product reviews. We have done all the hard work for you. One click you can start making real profits, all the content will be automatically published as your your website settings and all the affiliate links will be automatically added. All the images will be automatically added. No need for affiliate link approval from vendors and one click and automatic website creation no need for any costly web design or creator. Create the contents.

What else let me just sort of stop this a second.

bulking import of all the product review posts, generate approval for offers. Add your affiliate ID and start making commission by adding your affiliate ID free step by step affiliate marketing training and tutorials and promote your own offers on the site. So a couple of my thoughts for this is log says you could you could plug this straight into your to your website and away you go or, or you could and use it in a variety of ways. So what I would do I'm tempted to this is to get a nice cheap domain get a nice cheap hosting service and build this with lots and lots of of views and commissions and stuff like that. But then make videos about all of those see basically have lots and lots of linking coming back and make lots of social media posts and that type of stuff. I don't think you'd really rank that highly for just bought and bought and bought and put loads of those stuff on there. I would just put loads of book on there but then make lots of videos from that. I feel that would be a really good way of viewing using this tool, but also linking back lots to your own sites, so you basically create this chain. And what else can I say about this? Because it's sort of quite a simple product really, it's basically like if this is a sort of strategy that you would be interested in this product is is,


simple. It's basically just a plugin. What else can you really say about this? And I think from what I can gather is basically just linked to Clickbank. So for stuff like a warrior plus jvzoo, of course you'd have to get you'd have to get approval for that and plug that in there separately. So it's not quite a done for you. But you could get your links, put it in there and then it would draw stuff in from warrior plus, and jvzoo. Now if this plugin is really interesting to you, I'm gonna offer a couple of bonuses that will go along with this. I'm an offer And some list built in bonuses that would be really helpful alongside this I'm gonna offer two of my courses as well that also will go alongside this so laser point profits and download dollars would really help with this and the other thing that is with this plug in is to build your email list of course because if people buy products through your email list then you would you get that email so yeah, I'm gonna for those bonuses and if you choose to buy this plugin through test to see how you do be great to sort of hear if anyone makes some serious money from this price. So I think this is an an add on to your arsenal. I don't think it's a one stop shop, plug and play and you make lots of income. I think it's definitely something that you'd had on and have it as part of your your whole strategy for making money online. I think it can be really beneficial from from that point of view. So thank you for watching this quite short video actually.

yeah take care. Have a great day

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