001 Welcome to Paul Tilley Digital

4m | Jun 29, 2020

Digital his podcast. And this is the sort of intro episode I guess where people just sort of talk about what the whole podcast and journey is going to be about. So what is Paul Tilley Digital going to be about, it's going to explore the wonderful world of making money online. And also known as mmm Oh, from the murky depths of blackhat strategies to the more salubrious and nicer whitehat strategies, we're going to try and cover it all. And it's gonna be gallons of income sources, marketing tips and tricks and all that wonderful stuff. And my aim is to be sort of no fluff to the point where we have interviews with leading vendors and content creators who dominate the platforms like Clickbank, jvzoo warrior plus Warrior Forum who blackhat world all those wonderful places that if you've been around the whole making money online world for very long, you would have at least come across one or two of those places. And we're also gonna look at their products and what they've created and whether that can benefit you, as someone who's wanting to make money online, and also as a content creator yourself, how how you can improve your skills and learn from these people who dominate in the market. So wherever you're at wherever the beginning of your journey, or wherever you're, you know, one of the sort of top vendors on these platforms. Hopefully, through this podcast, you're going to get an even more greater tips and tricks. So yeah, you're going to discover how to become a great creator of content or an even better great content, you can discover other ways of developing sort of passive income streams. And you're going to be motivated to learn and you're going to develop. So in our show, we're going to look at things that affects the world of building a successful, profitable, profitable, passive income streams from digital product creation, content creation, affiliate marketing, building an authority online, email marketing, building your team and outsourcing, content marketing, podcasting, search engine optimization, niche niche I can ever say that word niche sites, social media strategies, and how to get more traffic to your platforms. So we're gonna have interviews, we can have special guests we can have me just blabbering on about stuff that I've learned and, and all that wonderful stuff. So as I said, Who You are wherever you're at in your passive income making money online journey. I'm sure you're gonna get something out of this podcast. My name is Paul Tilly, as I said, and I've been involved in the making money online world for far too many years, it seems. And I've had many successes and I've had even more failures. As we probably all have. And you know, I'm constantly wanting to learn and develop. So this podcast is also sort of for myself in a very selfish way because it's a way that I can learn and make new contacts and develop my business skills online, as well. So I Luffy to subscribe to this podcast. I'm so used to saying like, subscribe to this channel on YouTube, subscribe to the podcast and leave a comment and, you know, reach out to me as well. I'm going to be looking for special guests. So if you think you have something to say to the online model Uh, well then please reach out and let's connect if you know anyone who may be interested in being on here as well, that would also be great. So again, thank you very much for listening to this very very first episode This is episode zero which is basically just me talking about what this podcast is. got this far right look forward to hearing from you

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