You Need to Have Your Own Product Now (How to start)

10m | Jul 1, 2020




calm and today I want to look at very


quickly in a very quick overview of why you should develop your own products if you are not already. There's a lot of people who are involved in say affiliate marketing, or they're involved in CPA and all sorts of things online where they basically you're selling other people's products, but they haven't necessarily developed their own products because multiple reasons it may be just lack of confidence or lack of knowledge, or just even just the fact that the lack of willpower. So, I just want to go very quickly over why you really should be developing your own product. Now, I'm In my previous episodes, I talked about how I started off on platforms like Udemy and Skillshare. And even today, I'm making a passive income from those platforms. But one of the weaknesses of those platforms is developed is getting people on your email list. For example, I've got about free, no, I think he's going up to 5000. Now people on Udemy that are my in brackets, students, and it's really difficult for me to connect with those off the Udemy platform. So if I want to sell if I want to upsell or sell some of my own products or other people's products, it's really difficult to do that. I have to sort of go around and do a little bit of blackhat or grey hat stuff and it's the same with Skillshare when you develop your own product, and then you can very easily get them onto your email list. And you can keep upselling Selling and selling and selling until they basically buy or subscribe or unsubscribe. It's grim isn't it. And so that's one of the main reasons why you'd want to develop your own product. And your own a platform that you control where you can get those people on your mailing list and you can continually to sell to them build up that relationship, which ultimately is the power now if you have 1000 5000 10,000 people that you've got on your mailing list, and you know that they are interested in your particular niche products that you sell, then it's a lot easier to continue to sell them. Now, I say this is a brief podcast, really just trying to encourage you to get out there and start to think about developing your own product. I'll give you a couple of ways that you can start that journey and then in other episodes of this podcast, or if you're watching YouTube, this video You I will share some tips on how to really start to develop that maybe I'll put together like a Miniseries or course, on how you can just get started. Now, first of all, one of the main things is you want to think about the type of niche that you want to develop, and what's the mail list that you want. And depending on the sort of niche that you'd fill up in the mail list that you that you want, will really determine on the sort of platforms that you want to start to sell on and where you want to develop your product. So for example, if you're on the make money online niche, a platform like warrior plus is a perfect place to sell your product. And if you go into warrior plus and you go to marketplace, top sellers, you can see that there's the top 10 and the top 30 days and products that have been selling now these people are making a lot of money and more money. Fortunately, they're making a lot of new subscribers to their mount list. And the great thing is that the people that they have on their mailing list, they know that there are people who park with money to buy this specific


niche. And


so that's so worried plus is more the the platform if you want to sell in the make money online, and I'll do I'll do an episode about specifically about warrior plus later on. Now platforms like jvzoo are still within a very similar niche movement online, but they're more geared towards software. So if developing your own software product is more an area that you're particularly skilled at or that you would want to focus on right rather than doing a series like you know, we sit in front of a camera and explain something, then jvzoo is a really good platform for that and again, it's about me Your your email list and developing that so check it out jvzoo the other one which is one of the big players within this sort of world is is Clickbank and Clickbank is one of the great things about Clickbank is that it's it's really great platform if you want to develop any niche at all. So if you want to get away from the make money online or developing sort of money making software unless he wants to develop a product around training your pets or eating vegan or losing weight or something like that then Clickbank offers a best platform for developing something a lot more niche that's outside to make money online. It's a little bit more complicated developer product for bank but it can be very, very lucrative and the great thing about Clickbank is often it's evergreen. And people can promote your products without having to having to sort of jump through Certain hoops, literally anyone in the world could sign up to a clickbank account and then start to push your product. So really Your job is to get a product on there. And then just get more and more people to sell your product. And it can literally be anyone. And again, I'll do a series I do a specific episode about Clickbank or this specific episode about jvzoo. And they'll probably be other platforms on there that I will look at. And so very quickly, how do you develop your your products? Well, there's certain ways like I've said, you can develop a software so you can go on a website, even a website like and connect with software developers and develop a basic say, plugin for Google Chrome, for example. There's one that I use moments which basically goes and scrapes thousands and thousands of emails and that's quite a simple piece of software actually. Could be developed I could have even developed it myself and probably got cheaper than it paid for it. I just couldn't be bothered. And you can go on something like Clickbank as well you can develop or warrior for no difference between like Warrior Forum is eyes and sorry warrior plus is that it's not as evergreen necessarily there are some evergreen products on there. But something like Clickbank you develop one big product and you could sell it for years and years to come. For example, if it's how to become a vegan, you know people are gonna be doing that in years years time. But if it's a product, which is very much now like how to how to get your, your website at the top of Google now now in five years time, it could be totally outdated, where Google decided to change their algorithms for example.


That makes sense.


Ways to develop your product this to certain platforms out there, we can upload your videos For example, and they will hosted, they'll do everything forward that will cost money, you could develop a free website on on WordPress and host all of your, you have your videos on there for absolutely free, and even get a free domain name, if you really wanted to some limitations to that, but you could, and then you could sell the product and then whatever money you made, would be total 100% profit. And again, maybe I'll do




couple of videos specifically about about that. So check out my YouTube channel on how to do that. So that's a very brief overview that there is there is money in the list of really is you want to build up your list and say amazing way to do that is through developing your own product. One more thing I want to say about developing your own product is that you can develop it, sell it and then later on if you want to give it away as some sort of bonus or some sort of incentive. So you've sold your product you've made you've rent that product. As much as you can, then maybe six months later, you offer it for free for a signup. So again, you're building your list again. So that's one of the great thing about having your own product is that you own it, and you can distribute it free if you want. And again, even though seems crazy to spend so much money, I spent so much time in developing a video course, for example, and then giving it away for free. You are in a way you are taking payment off someone's email address and building up your list that way.


So they go there's a very brief overview of


why you should be developing your own product. And, as always, you know, please subscribe, like,


sign up, leave a review,


and those things do actually make a difference. Reach out to me connect with me Say hi. Say that you've listened to this podcast or watch this video on YouTube or whatever it is you've done. And, you know, maybe we can work together. Maybe we can develop a product together, or something like that'd be great. Thanks. you very much for listening Take care.

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