How To Start Selling Your Digital Product Online: Warriorplus, ClickBank? WSO? JVzoo?

17m | Jul 4, 2020

Paul Tilley from will explain how to easily and quickly get your digital products onto marketplaces and gain affiliate marketers.

We will explore platforms like:

- ClickFunnels (

- ClickBank

- WarriorPlus

- Warrior Special Offers (WSO)

- JVzoo

As well as

Your own Wordpress site

- Gumroad

- MailChimp


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Hi, my name is Paul Tilley from Paul Tilley Digital. So, head over to Paul Tilley Digital calm, if you want to get some free stuff, sign up to the newsletter, all that lovely, lovely jazz. And hopefully that will be very helpful to you. So, in a previous podcast, I talked about why you want to have your own product.

So, I'm not going to go over that too much, but just to emphasise that you do need your own product. So, just a very quick example yesterday, I sent out one email, and I got sales from that one email. It was actually a prewritten email that I just edited a little bit. I made money from there, it took me probably less than five minutes to send that out. So, I made money for in less than five minutes work, which was really nice is I got to also show my daughter that I said, Look, I, you know, made some sales when she sent out this email, and that really inspired her. You know, sort of like a teenager who's looking what to do in the world, just to sort of emphasise to her about working for herself, and not relying on a business to make money, not relying on other people to make money, I should say, Anyway, enough waffle. What I'm going to do today is just show you several platforms where you can start to develop and sell your own product.

Now, all these are platforms that that's sort of a setup for this type of thing. And I'll take a little bit of a commission, different types, different percentages of commission for each sale. But the great thing about the main, the majority of these platforms is that They have a large number of affiliates as well. So, people who are actively looking for products to promote and sell, like I did yesterday when I made that may. So, it's sort of a win win situation. Well, I'll do I'll go through them. And then finally, I will show you to that are maybe really good places for you to start on. So, I'm going to show you so if you wait until the very end, you'll you'll come across and this last one particularly that may be a really good platform if you're just starting out. So, first of all, we're on my website, and Paul Tilley Digital calm now I host and I have a lot of my own products on here. So, you have one platform that will show and try and sell your product, which will have an affiliate link to it. Then you have to have your actual product hooked on another platform, which I will show you a couple of them. So, I've got my own website. And on my own website, because it's WordPress, I pay for the space or pay for the hosting, I have full control over the whole thing. The great thing about that is that then I can host my courses on there, and I control everything about that. All I have to do is have my product made host on there, I back it up, of course, just in case because you never know. And then I go to another platform, which is where I get affiliates. And they point people to my websites, if that makes sense. Now, the platforms that I have, that point people to those places are for example JVzoo. Now JVzoo JVzoo is generally I've not used it a great deal for us. I've mainly bought broader products from it. I've never actually sold a product through JVzoo because those are not really the sort of products I sell on JVzoo Generally what you get is software. So, recently I bought a plugin for Microsoft Chrome, it was through JVzoo. And the plugin did various wonderful things that I wanted to do. And that's the type of product that you find on JVzoo is plugins or WordPress, plugins, software, downloads, that type of stuff. So, if you're in that type of market where you want to develop an actual piece of software that you can then no people on JVzoo JVzoo will be looking to promote those types of products. So, it's worth bearing in mind is worth bearing in mind, what is the type of product that you want to sell? Is it for example, a piece of software? Is it an ebook?

Is it some sort of downloadable resources is it an A video course for example. So, depending on what type of product you produce will depend on where you at you actually want to sell it. So, say JVzoo Your software, it's a really good platform. It's got a great reputation. I'm not sure about the Commission's that they take that that would be something that you'd have to explore and find out about yourself. But yeah, so check out JVzoo if you're doing more than the software development if you're putting together a quick course, particularly video course, or maybe downloadable PDFs, that type of thing. One interesting place to start is Warrior Forum, WSO

So, spec Warrior Special Offers (WSO)is a is a very good platform. I've used it a couple of times what I find about this platform is you get lots and lots and lots of people looking for very quick deals. So, it's a really interesting place if you want to put like $1 $5 $6 type of deals or even free You can see, you can look at the views here that you'll get. So, this is a, you know, $200. I'm sort of really interested how many of these types of $200 and people would sell on here, but it does some.

You get people on here who promote these offers as well. It's like a really simple, quick place to put your offers you have to pay, I believe it's around about $20 to promote your offer. So, all these offers here would have been bumped up and they would have paid about 25 or 50 $20. You have to check that out. And as more offers come up, your offer then goes down, and then you can automatically bump it. So, if it's something that you really want to keep bumping, bumping to the top, when it starts to crawl down after $20 it will take another $20 automatically bump it back up to the top. So, I think one of the big advantages of here is that if you offer really, really Low Cost deal was your strategy been building up your mail list. I'm not going to go too much into this, but reverse the strategy that you want, you want to build up your email list. So, going back to the story that I said about yesterday, I have an email list, I send out an email, very quick, simple email costs, takes me five minutes, and I get sales from that because I've built up my email list. That's where the money is. So, warrior special offer is a really good place. As I say, if you want a cheap and easy way to get started, build up your email list. $20 can bump it up. What you want to do is if you think this other car paid $20 for this, and let's say I've made

20 new contacts. So, that's $1 for an email address, and you want to think is that actually good value for money? Some people would say is, some people say, isn't it it's very targeted. The people that you're going to get are people who are interested in Make Money Online niche that's something else that you want to think about what have a niche e building. If it's a made money online niche then Warrior Special Offers (WSO) is a good place to go if it's a more specialist niche let's say vegan or weight loss that you want to think maybe this is probably not the place for you may want to look for places like Facebook advertising or ClickBank which we will look at now and I did have ClickBank up was not on here so with ClickBank is an old platform has been around for a long time called reputation and the thing about ClickBank is that you're going to get on there any you can put a product on there for any niche you can think of, I mean really anything. So, if you are wanting to Move away from the make money online niche and you want to go something more along the lines of anything Dog Training vegan weight loss and you know on here languages politics self-help anything then ClickBank is probably a platform that you want to consider. I have never sold anything myself on ClickBank I've never put a product on there to sell. It's on my hit list at some point I want to move away from the Nisha and specifically and try and reach out to different niches and experiment to see what happens. ClickBank is a great platform. The great thing about ClickBank as well is that anyone can promote, and this could be a good thing or a bad thing independent loved it but anyone can promote your product. So, literally anyone in the world can sign up to a ClickBank account and they can get your affiliate link and they can try and advertise your product that's not as easy with other platforms like JVzoo for example, people have to apply to sell your products and you can turn them down. So, some people will you will have a strategy on ClickBank for example, they will put a product on there, then their strategy will be to continually and continually recruit new people sell a product or they'll go out and now they'll do loads and loads of YouTube videos they'll go Hey, so my products sell my product, you will actually take a very small commission of the sale. So, you may give 75% for example, or 80% or even 100% of the Commission's that you make but we want him to do of course is build up that back end, build up those that email list. So, that's ClickBank.

WarriorPlus is another one which is linked to WSO. So, don't get confused between the two. There are differences warrior plus is the platform that I use that I put all my products on. There's a really good community of affiliate marketers that are new cross promote, you reach out to them, they reach out to you, and you build up your list like that they will sell your product, why tend to do is give away 100% of the front end, make a little bit money on the back end. So, the upsells, but it's about building up the email list. You can also do joint ventures where you work with other affiliate marketers, and they will sell your products for you so and warrior plus is a great place. I don't really have an incentive to move away from that quite yet. I'm quite happy being in a place. There is a school of thought out there that you should be on several platforms, so don't have all your eggs in one basket for there's something to that. I think for me, it's just lack of time, lack of time to be able to go out and Okay, set up a JVzoo account and sell on that but I think it's really good practice. If you have the time to do what, yeah, I recommend you check it out. It can be a little bit of a learning curve to get your first product on there and I will do some videos that will walk through how to get your product on to warrior plus what I do best practices to find that. So, keep an eye out for that. And so remember that so these are the main places where you can advertise where you can where you can push out your product. As I say you have to have somewhere where you host that product. Now you if you want to. If you're good with WordPress and you're good with developing a website, WordPress is a really good place to go because you can set up a WordPress you can set up hosting, you can set up a domain name all that for free. There are ways that you can do very cheap very quickly where you want to host there's lots of platforms out there if you're willing to pay this place. Like Click Funnels, for example, the link for that will be in there, I'll try and put all these links in the show notes. And one other place that I use quite a lot and I realised this platform is very simple. So, one strategy could be for example, if you want to keep it very simple, if you're new to the game is go though Warrior Special Offers but host the actual product that you're going to sell on this platform, which is called Gumroad. And now I have I've keep loads of on Gumroad. I've given stuff away in the past. This is I've got about two or three accounts and I this is one of them that you can see, and I build up my mailing list through this. And I'm not it's not really about making money although I do make a lot more money through this platform. Started passive once you have your products here. If I show you Free quickly once you have your product on Gumroad, you basically just leave it because it's there for people to download. They can either download it as a whole PDF, or they can, you can link them to another page. You can have it as file, sterner, there's lots of different ways, but you basically just set it and forget it. There's a really good platform to have a lot of products. If you've got products that you've developed in the past that are sort of dead, you could put them on here, you could have them for free. So, you could build up your main list, you could have them for like $5 and just leave it and forget it. And you'll have a trickle of income coming through every month from that. So, there's a strategy for you host have your host sorry, host your product on Gumroad. It's free to help it's very easy sell through warrior special offer, for example, or you could there's various other platforms, you could just put it onto a Facebook app. Because I've noticed with Facebook, you could put it for free on various forums like blackhat forum, Warrior Forum. There's loads out there are and Facebook groups, for example, have it as a free download of your main list, you can build up your main list in MailChimp for free, for starters. So, you could do the whole thing for free if you wanted. Okay, we've gone for quite a lot there. And I realised that I've sort of gone through really quickly why I might do in the future is go through all these places I've just mentioned, and do a lot, a lot more in depth on each one. I just wanted to give you a very quick overview of why you could do what's out there if you're particularly new to the game. This is just like a really quick overview. If you've been in the game for a long time, you know about all these platforms and this, this is totally relevant to you. But if you did listen you That's nice. Thank you. Thank you for watching. Yeah, so I hope that was helpful. If you are new, feel free to reach out to me I'm happy to sort of help you out a little bit as much as I can and keep an eye out if you want more in depth on any of these platforms, I'm happy to do that I'm happy to go into the products that I've sold, show you what I've done, how I've put it on there, the whole process, I will do some videos at some point going through Warrior Forum and how to upload because I found that quite complicated. And I found that there's there wasn't that much out there for for people that we need to the game.

So, my name is Paul Tilly, I'm from Paul Tilley Digital calm, feel free to go there and have a meet around and sign up for the free course and all that type stuff. If you're watching this on YouTube if you just like subscribe, comments, ring that bell, all that lovely, wonderful stuff.

If you're listening to a podcast, be great to for you to just leave a review and reach out to me.

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