Talking Blues: A Chelsea F.C. Podcast

Talking Blues is a Chelsea F.C. Podcast that will give you updates on Chelsea news as well as game previews and recaps.


Episode 68- Premier League Table Prediction Reaction + Euros Matchday 1 Recap
Show Details34min 20s
Episode 67- Haaland to Chelsea? + Euros Preview
Show Details34min 22s
Episode 66- Thomas Tuchel and Olivier Giroud Extended + Chelsea Transfer News
Show Details41min 47s
Episode 65- Champions of Europe! Champions League Final Recap
Show Details29min 10s
Episode 64- Champions League Final Preview
Show Details32min 16s
Episode 63- Aston Villa Recap
Show Details25min 24s
Episode 62- FA Cup Final Recap + Leicester Preview
Show Details29min 2s
Episode 61- FA Cup Final Preview + Arsenal Recap
Show Details17min 29s
Episode 60- Man City Recap + Arsenal Preview
Show Details21min 28s
Episode 59- Real Madrid Second Leg Recap + Man City Preview
Show Details24min 24s
Episode 58- Real Madrid Second Leg Preview + Fulham Recap
Show Details17min 3s
Episode 57- Fulham Preview + Real Madrid Recap
Show Details22min 6s
Episode 56- Real Madrid Preview + West Ham Recap with Mark Ogden
Show Details48min 54s
Episode 55- West Ham Preview + European Super League Project Paused
Show Details23min
Episode 54- Man City Recap + Brighton Recap (European Super League?)
Show Details48min 23s
Episode 53- Man City Preview + Porto Second Leg Recap
Show Details31min 36s
Episode 52- Crystal Palace Recap + Porto Second Leg Preview
Show Details24min 14s
Episode 51- Porto Recap + Crystal Palace Preview
Show Details20min 2s
Episode 50- Porto Preview + West Brom Recap
Show Details23min 12s
Episode 49- West Brom Preview with Craigo
Show Details40min 22s
Episode 48- Sheffield United Recap + Chelsea Trivia
Show Details48min 7s
Episode 47 - Atletico Madrid Recap + Sheffield United Preview with TheGrandDam
Show Details47min 6s
Episode 46- Atletico Madrid Preview + Leeds Recap
Show Details27min 47s
Episode 45- Leeds Preview + Everton Recap with Jai Mcintosh
Show Details49min 18s
Episode 44- Everton Preview + Liverpool Recap
Show Details23min 36s
Episode 43- Liverpool Preview + Manchester United Recap
Show Details23min 39s
Episode 42- Manchester United Preview + Atletico Madrid Recap
Show Details21min 19s
Episode 41- Atletico Madrid Preview + Southampton Recap
Show Details23min 48s
Episode 40- Southampton Preview/Newcastle Recap + All Decade Team
Show Details43min 9s
Episode 39- Newcastle Preview + Barnsley Recap
Show Details18min 25s
Episode 38- Sheffield United Recap + Barnsley Preview
Show Details20min
Episode 37- Tottenham Recap + Sheffield United Preview
Show Details13min 31s
Episode 36- Tottenham Preview + Burnley Recap
Show Details24min 48s
Episode 35- Wolves Recap + Burnley Preview
Show Details25min 47s
Episode 34- Lampard SACKED + Wolves Preview with Vayam Lahoti
Show Details33min 3s
Episode 33- Leicester Recap + Luton Town Preview
Show Details31min 58s
Episode 32- Fulham Recap + Leicester Preview
Show Details21min 10s
Episode 31- Fulham Preview
Show Details23min 28s
Episode 30- Morecambe Preview
Show Details13min 17s
Episode 29- Man City Recap + Mid Season Player Rankings
Show Details51min 2s
Episode 28- Aston Villa Recap + Man City Preview
Show Details24min 19s
Episode 27- Arsenal Recap with Lee Judges
Show Details39min 19s
Episode 26- Arsenal Preview + West Ham Recap
Show Details23min 40s
Episode 25- West Ham Preview + Chelsea Trivia
Show Details45min 37s
Episode 24- Everton Recap + Wolves Preview
Show Details26min 50s
Episode 23- Everton Preview
Show Details17min 27s
Episode 22- Leeds Recap + Krasnodar Preview
Show Details23min 49s
Episode 21- Sevilla Recap + Leeds Preview
Show Details21min 58s
Episode 20- Tottenham Recap + Sevilla Preview
Show Details27min 12s
Episode 19- Tottenham Preview + Rennes Recap
Show Details21min 28s
Episode 18- Newcastle Recap + Rennes Preview
Show Details16min 17s
Episode 17- Newcastle Preview with Simon Johnson
Show Details32min 46s
Episode 16- Sheffield United Recap
Show Details9min 56s
Episode 15- Rennes Recap + Sheffield Preview
Show Details22min 52s
Episode 14- Burnley Recap + Rennes Preview
Show Details21min 36s
Episode 13- Interview with Shaka Hislop
Show Details1hr
Episode 12- Chelsea vs Burnley Preview + Krasnodar Recap
Show Details17min 44s
Episode 11- Manchester United Recap + Krasnodar Preview
Show Details24min 43s
Episode 10- Interview with Neil Barnett + Southampton/Sevilla Recap and Man United Preview
Show Details57min 49s
Episode 9- Southampton Preview + Tony Evans Interview
Show Details53min 50s
Episode 8- Chelsea International Break News Update + Deadline Day Recap
Show Details13min 25s
Episode 7- Tottenham Recap + Crystal Palace Preview
Show Details21min 32s
Episode 6- West Brom Recap + Tottenham Preview
Show Details22min 54s
Episode 5- Interview with Roger Gonzalez + Chelsea vs Liverpool Preview!
Show Details25min 25s
Episode 4- Interview with Dan Thomas + Reaction to Chelsea vs Brighton!
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 3- Brighton Preview + Mendy to Chelsea Deal Confirmed
Show Details14min 6s
Episode 2- Kai Havertz Officially Signs! + Premier League Table Predictions
Show Details42min 17s
Episode 1- Transfer News Recap
Show Details31min
Welcome to Talking Blues!
Show Details13s