Havoc, by Mike Thorn

Season 1 | Episode 3
20m | Sep 27, 2022

"Havoc" tells the story of Ray, a depressed young man who is introduced to a mysterious livestream - the Havoc Feed - which begins to take over his life.

"Havoc" was written by Mike Thorn, originally published in the short story collection "Peel Back & See", and adapted for audio by Brennan Storr.


Mike Thorn as Ray

Aidan German as Howard

Kiki Olsen-Keyser as PavoukHavocIsLife

James Kennedy as Diaries From the Void

Rynn Lemieux as Mira

Brennan Storr as Narrator

Original Music & Key Art by Hexxagram

Direction, Sound Design & Editing by Brennan Storr

"Transmissions From the Void" is a Ghost Story Guys production.

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Transmissions From the Void