• TCU's 2023 Football Season Ends: What Went Wrong?

    In this week's show, Andrew Zimmel shares his final thoughts on the TCU Football season. What went wrong for the Horn Frogs and where they can go from here. Also, TCU Women's Basketball is on a roll and it's because of the transfer portal. Plus, Men's Basketball continues to win as well!

    25m | Nov 28, 2023
  • Is Josh Hoover the Guy for TCU? Plus Basketball is Rolling

    After TCU beat down the Baylor Bears, Andrew Zimmel discusses whether or not Josh Hoover is the quarterback going forward? Plus Men's and Women's basketball are HOT rolling through teams early and here's what to like about both!

    27m | Nov 21, 2023
  • TCU's Rivalry vs. Texas Ends, But Baylor is Coming Up on Saturday

    In this week's show, join Andrew Zimmel as he dives into the heartbreaking loss to Texas, what it means now that this rivalry is no more. Plus, a new name for an old rivalry, the Bluebonnet Battle against Baylor this weekend. Also, TCU men's and women's basketball combine for 5-0 to start the season.

    27m | Nov 14, 2023
  • How Next Three Games Could be Historic For TCU Football

    In this week's show, Andrew Zimmel discusses what was learned from the letdown in Lubbock and how these next three games could be historic for TCU. Plus, who is coaching for their job this weekend and what it would mean to knock Texas off? Also, the Horn Frogs bring home a Gold Medal on the sand.

    27m | Nov 8, 2023
  • The Biggest Game of the Season on Thursday vs. Texas Tech, Plus TCU Basketball Preview

    This week, it's time to preview TCU Men's and Women's Basketball before the start of their seasons next week. Andrew Zimmel discusses why TCU men's basketball depth could be the thing that swings the season and who you should keep an eye on. Plus, the biggest game of the season is Thursday night as the Horned Frogs take on Texas Tech in football. With the season on the line, what can fans expect from TCU?

    26m | Oct 31, 2023
  • Where Does TCU Go After Most Embarrassing Loss in Years?

    After one of the most embarrassing losses in recent years, where does TCU go from here and what changes can be made so this doesn't happen again? Andrew Zimmel dives into all that on the football side, plus, men's and women's basketball is around the corner. He takes a look at both programs before the season.

    20m | Oct 25, 2023
  • TCU Looks Its Best of the Season, Now Attention Turns to K-State

    The best TCU has looked was this past weekend, what does it mean for Dykes and Co? Plus, Andrew Zimmel questions whether or not Josh Hoover is the answer going forward and why JP Richardson looked as good as he did. Plus, K State, the game of the year coming this weekend in Manhattan and why to expect from the Wildcats.

    21m | Oct 16, 2023
  • The Worst Loss of Sonny Dykes' Tenure, QB Turns to Josh Hoover vs. BYU

    The worst loss in the Sonny Dkyes Era took place on Saturday as TCU lost to Iowa State. This week, Andrew Zimmel reacts to what went down in Ames and why TCU's season is at its rock bottom. Plus, the silver lining in Emani Bailey's performance and what fans should expect from Josh Hoover this week against BYU.

    24m | Oct 10, 2023
  • Takeaways From TCU's Embarrassing WVU Loss: What to Change vs. Iowa State

    In this week's show, Andrew Zimmel reacts to the fallout from the embarrassing loss to West Virginia. Where does TCU go from here and what silver lining can they take from getting shut out in the second half? Plus, preview of Iowa State this weekend. Also, TCU hires Chicago Sky's Ruthy Hebard.

    20m | Oct 3, 2023
  • TCU Rolls Again in Iron Skillet, While a Tricky West Virginia Team is on Deck

    TCU wins the Battle of the Skillet for the 12th time in 15 years and continues Sonny Dykes' run of winning the rivalry. Join Andrew Zimmel as he discusses what takeaways there are from the win and what can fans expect going forward?

    Also, the championship game hangover is real for AP voters and a preview of this week's matchup against West Virginia.

    23m | Sep 25, 2023
  • TCU Handles Houston, Looks Ahead to the Iron Skillet

    TCU is now 1-0 in Big 12 play after a big win against the Houston Cougars on Saturday night. TCU's defense hasn't allowed a touchdown in two weeks, which should give everyone hope going into the rest of conference play. Also, Andrew Zimmel gets you set with a preview for the Battle of the Skillet and what to expect this Saturday against the Mustangs. 

    23m | Sep 18, 2023
  • TCU Takeaways From Week 2, Conference Play on Deck With Houston

    This week, Andrew Zimmel reacts to a win against Nicholls State, what are some of the things we learned from Week Two? Also, Zimmel looks ahead to Week 3 and why this game against Houston should be a route for the Horned Frogs.

    21m | Sep 12, 2023
  • TCU Stunned by Colorado: What Needs to Change Before Nicholls State?

    A disappointing loss by the Horned Frogs against Colorado taught a lot of lessons. Andrew Zimmel discusses whether or not the 3-5-5 defense works in 2023 the way it did in 2022? Should we be worried about Chandler Morris' decision-making? How will TCU bounce back against Nicolls State?

    20m | Sep 4, 2023
  • TCU vs. Colorado Preview, Top Storylines and X-Factors

    It's finally Week 1 and its time for TCU to pick up where it left off last season against Colorado! Andrew Zimmel dives into who TCU fans should look out for on Colorado, what X-factor is guaranteed to play a part, and what player prop is going to be the easiest money marker of the season. 

    21m | Aug 31, 2023
  • TCU Football 2023 Season Prediction

    We are a week away from kick off, so it's time for Andrew Zimmel to go week-by-week through the TCU schedule and predict where TCU football finishes and what we can expect from the Horned Frogs.

    27m | Aug 24, 2023
  • TCU Pauses SMU Rivalry Game, Plus Defense Poised for Big 2023 Season

    This week, Andrew Zimmel talks about the "pause" in one of the best rivalries in the sports: Why TCU pausing the SMU game after 2025 should make fans wonder about where college football is going and who might be replacing SMU on the schedule. Also, Zimmel wraps up position previews with the defense, where TCU is poised to dominate.

    23m | Aug 17, 2023
  • How Does Big 12 Expansion Impact TCU? Plus, Previewing WR/TE Position!

    In this week's show, Andrew Zimmel discusses the impact on the TCU Horned Frogs following Big 12 expansion and the Pac-12 collapse. Also, he previews the pass-catching position for the Horned Frogs heading into the 2023 season!

    24m | Aug 10, 2023
  • TCU's Running Back Breakdown, Plus the Big 12 Expands and What it Means

    In this week's show, Andrew Zimmel dives into the TCU running back room. With Kendre Miller moving on to the NFL, many TCU fans might worry about a drop in production, but they shouldn't. Also, new recruits in the trenches and a new addition to the Big 12: what does it mean for the future?!

    18m | Aug 3, 2023
  • TCU Quarterback Room Preview, Plus Men's and Women's Basketball Schedule Announced

    In this week's episode, Andrew Zimmel previews the 2023 TCU quarterbacks: Why Chandler Morris is QB1 going forward and why Josh Hoover could play a Max Duggan role for TCU.

    Plus, how the hire of Dave Lawn for TCU baseball confirms their plans to keep recruiting pro ball players. Zimmel also covers the Men's and Women's basketball schedules!

    22m | Jul 30, 2023
  • Men's Hoops Hits the Road, Early College Football Odds

    It's a mixed pot of TCU Athletic news as Andrew Zimmel discusses the world tour that the Men's Basketball team is going on in August, plus open practice for the football team. Mile Miles Jr. and Luke Savage get to stay at home with the pro teams and betting odds as we close in on college football kickoff.

    17m | Jul 20, 2023
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