G1 And Only

The G1 Climax is New Japan Pro Wrestling's elite summer tournament. Not everyone gets an opportunity to compete in the G1 Climax. Some wrestlers never appear, while some compete year in and year out. Every other week, host Ryan Neitzey will discuss the run of those wrestlers that have only competed in this exclusive tournament only once.


REGAL, TITAN & BAGWELL - G1 And Only: Episode 6
Show Details22min 47s
RIC FLAIR - G1 And Only: Episode 5
Show Details33min 28s
YOSHIAKI YATSU - G1 And Only: Episode 4
Show Details35min 7s
THE 1993 G1 CLIMAX - G1 And Only: Episode 3
Show Details30min 41s
THE 1992 G1 CLIMAX - G1 And Only: Episode 2
Show Details55min 10s
BIG VAN VADER - G1 And Only: Episode 1
Show Details29min 13s
G1 And Only Announcement Trailer!
Show Details2min 50s