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The Connections and Differences Between Recreational Drugs, Spirituality and Plant Medicine
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How Do We Learn to Self-Regulate Our Emotions When We Have Addictions or Trauma
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Addiction and the Family
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A Conversation With Prof. Stephen Porges – Author of the Polyvagal Theory
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Curious About Codependency - Learn From the Experts
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Trauma Thrivers Discuss Trauma Releasing Exercises – Experts From Around the World
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A Conversation About the Nature of Assertiveness and How To Improve Your Own
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Gabor Maté's Film: The Wisdom of Trauma
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The Importance Of Boundaries
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Discussing Bill Cosby's Release From Prison
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Havening for Trauma with Erika Neil
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Finding Your Voice and Raising Awareness With Diana Varco
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Anjula Mutanda – Overcoming Childhood Adversity
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Benjamin Fry – The Dysregulated Nervous System
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Tian Dayton – How Psychodrama Helps Our Histories
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Mark Brayne – The Magic of EMDR
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Dr Paul Hokemeyer – Studying the Rich and Famous
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Juliet Grayson - the Pesso Boyden System for Trauma
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Juliet is a well-respected trainer, facilitator, executive mentor and coach in Pesso Boyden System Psychotherapy. This is a mind-body approach to emotional well-being and peak performance.

PBSP aims to help clients become aware of their own internal maps or blueprints for living. Often, these are formed in our early lives before we have any say in the matter. Strategies that may have helped us in the past can hinder us in the present day and affect our quality of life.

Pesso Boyden therapists like Juliet target these old emotional processes and patterns, and help people to mend their historical damage with an emotional solution.

In this podcast we talk about:

·     The origins of PBSP

·     How PBSP helps address attachment issues

·     The importance of controlling your own trauma treatment

·     How to insert corrective experiences into our own timelines

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29min 29s
Published May 22, 2021 at 4:41pm
Juliette Alfonsi-Gamble - The Link Between Stress and Illness
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Nicci Roscoe - Crystals and Reiki for Trauma
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Simon Chapple - Addiction Recovery and Trauma
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Liz Cashin - PTSD and Forgiveness - This is Me
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Mark Escott - Schools for Children with Trauma
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Lorna Evans - The Mind and Body Connection with Trauma
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Kirstie Pearce - How Yoga helped me to heal
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Dr Karol Darsa - 5 steps to healing from trauma
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Rene Michele - Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse
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John-Paul Davies - Compassion focused therapy for trauma
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Shari Botwin - The link between trauma and eating disorders
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