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West Lot Pirates

A unique take on Northwestern Athletics with thoughts ranging from the visceral to the statistical. Sam, John and Erik will break down NU football, recruiting, basketball and more.


Episode 512: Coaching Change
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 511: Purdue 17-Northwestern 9
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 510: Minnesota 31-Northwestern 3
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 509: Ohio State 21-Northwestern 7
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 508: Iowa 33-Northwestern 13 w/Doug Lesmerises
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 507: Maryland 31-Northwestern 24
Show Details1hr 7min
Episode 506: Bye Week
Show Details50min 50s
Episode 505: Wisconsin 42-Northwestern 7
Show Details1hr 22min
Episode 504: Penn State 17-Northwestern 7
Show Details1hr 19min
Episode 503: Miami, OH 17-Northwestern 14
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 502: Southern Illinois 31-Northwestern 24
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 501: Duke 31-Northwestern 23
Show Details1hr 15min
Episode 500: Joe Spivak
Show Details58min 27s
Episode 499: Northwestern 31-Nebraska 28
Show Details1hr 16min
Episode 498: Week 0 Nebraska v. Northwestern in Dublin
Show Details45min 12s
2022 Summer Previews: Northwestern Offense
Show Details1hr 15min
2022 Summer Previews: Northwestern Defense
Show Details1hr 1min
2022 Summer Previews: Illinois
Show Details25min 58s
2022 Summer Previews: Purdue
Show Details27min 18s
2022 Summer Previews: Minnesota
Show Details31min 26s
2022 Summer Previews: Ohio State
Show Details30min 33s
2022 Summer Previews: Iowa
Show Details32min 43s
2022 Summer Previews: Maryland
Show Details25min 6s
2022 Summer Previews: Wisconsin
Show Details29min 39s
Episode 497: Big Ten Media Days
Show Details36min 54s
2022 Summer Previews: Penn State
Show Details35min 29s
2022 Summer Previews SIU/Miami, OH
Show Details38min 53s
2022 Summer Previews: Duke
Show Details32min 24s
2022 Summer Previews: Nebraska
Show Details45min 40s
2022 Summer Previews: Rutgers
Show Details20min 15s
2022 Summer Previews: Michigan State
Show Details23min 24s
2022 Summer Previews: Indiana
Show Details23min 23s
2022 Summer Previews: Michigan
Show Details30min 16s
Episode 496: Softball Wrapup
Show Details39min 33s
Episode 495: Ticket to OKC
Show Details59min 5s
Episode 494: Softball Super Regional w/ Noah Coffman
Show Details56min 35s
Episode 493: Tournament Weekend and Recruiting Windfall
Show Details49min
Episode 492: Tournament Time
Show Details34min 12s
2022 NFL Draft 1st Round w/ Winning Cures Everything
Show Details3hr 57min
Episode 491: Winging It
Show Details36min 18s
Episode 490: Slugging to the Moon (Welsh-Ryan Roof)
Show Details35min 52s
Episode 489: Softball Sweep!
Show Details48min 42s
Episode 488: Bracketology with Scott Sepich
Show Details1hr 17min
Episode 487: Spectacular Spring
Show Details43min 23s
Episode 486: Conquering Clearwater
Show Details46min 43s
Episode 485: Spring Sports Primer
Show Details1hr 7min
Episode 484: Signing Day and February Check In
Show Details51min 8s
Episode 483: Rocky Road at Welsh-Ryan
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 482: NIL Mania
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 481: Bowl Preview Part 3
Show Details1hr 7min
Episode 480: Bowl Preview Part 2
Show Details54min 39s
Episode 479: Signing Day and Bowl Preview Part 1
Show Details1hr 18min
Episode 478: Is that Joe Spivak's Music?
Show Details46min 9s
Episode 477: Illinois 47-Northwestern 14
Show Details1hr
Episode 476: National Champion Field Hockey/Purdue 32-Northwestern 14
Show Details1hr 7min
Episode 475: Wisconsin 35-Northwestern 7
Show Details1hr 6min
Episode 474: Iowa 17-Northwestern 12
Show Details1hr 27min
Episode 473: Minnesota 41-Northwestern 14
Show Details1hr 10min
Episode 472: Michigan 33-Northwestern 7
Show Details1hr 24min
Episode 471: Northwestern 21-Rutgers 7
Show Details1hr 29min
Episode 470: Bye Week Breather
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 469: Nebraska 56-Northwestern 7
Show Details1hr 11min
Episode 468: Northwestern 35-Ohio 6
Show Details1hr 30min
Episode 467: Duke 30-Northwestern 23
Show Details1hr 18min
Episode 466: Northwestern 24-Indiana St. 6 w/Jay Sharman
Show Details1hr 51min
Episode 465: Michigan State 38-Northwestern 21
Show Details1hr 31min
Episode 464: Northwestern vs. Michigan State
Show Details1hr 23min
2021 Summer Previews: Northwestern Offense
Show Details1hr 16min
2021 Summer Previews: Northwestern Defense
Show Details1hr 1min
2021 Summer Previews: Illinois
Show Details27min 4s
2021 Summer Previews: Purdue
Show Details30min 18s
Episode 463: Porter/Johnson Emergency Pod
Show Details38min 4s
2021 Summer Previews: Wisconsin
Show Details36min 15s
2021 Summer Previews: Iowa
Show Details29min 36s
2021 Summer Previews: Minnesota
Show Details40min 18s
2021 Summer Previews: Michigan
Show Details45min 25s
2021 Summer Previews: Rutgers
Show Details26min 12s
2021 Summer Previews: Nebraska
Show Details35min 12s
Episode 462: Media Days and Conference Realignment
Show Details56min 43s
2021 Summer Previews: Ohio
Show Details28min 20s
2021 Summer Previews: Indiana St/Duke
Show Details46min 17s
Episode 461: T-Shirts
Show Details13min 24s
2021 Summer Previews: Michigan State
Show Details42min 28s
2021 Summer Previews: Maryland
Show Details30min 51s
2021 Summer Previews: Penn State
Show Details34min 45s
Episode 460: Playoff Expansion, SCOTUS and Recruiting Bonanza
Show Details36min 42s
2021 Summer Previews: Indiana
Show Details33min 32s
2021 Summer Previews: Ohio State
Show Details38min 18s
Episode 459: Derrick Gragg and Summer Preview Primer
Show Details42min 52s
Episode 458: Spring Wrap-Up
Show Details45min 32s
Episode 457: The 10 Day AD
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 456: Lia Assimakopoulos and Ella Brockway
Show Details1hr 30min
2021 NFL 1st Round Live Draft Pod
Show Details4hr 11min
Episode 455: Kalyn Kahler
Show Details1hr 28min
Episode 454: Tim Chapman
Show Details1hr 10min
Episode 453: NCAA Tournament and Spring Sports Bonanza
Show Details57min 14s
Episode 452: Bracketology with Scott Sepich
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 451: Jordan Ash
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 450: Checking in on Collins
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 449: Signing Day with @NUFBRecruiting
Show Details1hr 21min
Episode 448: New Leadership
Show Details1hr 22min
Episode 447: National Championship Game
Show Details1hr 29min
Episode 446: Northwestern 35-Auburn 19
Show Details1hr 33min
Episode 445: Citrus Bowl v/Auburn and Surging Basketball
Show Details1hr 18min
Episode 444: Ohio State 22-Northwestern 10
Show Details1hr 28min
Episode 443: Northwestern 28-Illinois 10 with Jay Sharman (LTP)
Show Details1hr 43min
Episode 442: Adam Rittenberg
Show Details1hr 37min
Episode 441: Michigan State 29-Northwestern 20
Show Details1hr 34min
Episode 440: Northwestern 17-Wisconsin 7
Show Details1hr 59min
Episode 439: Northwestern 27-Purdue 20
Show Details1hr 30min
Episode 438: Northwestern 21-Nebraska 13
Show Details1hr 31min
Episode 437: Northwestern 21-Iowa 20
Show Details1hr 40min
Episode 436: Northwestern 43-Maryland 3
Show Details1hr 39min
Episode 435: Opening Night- Maryland @ Northwestern
Show Details1hr 23min
2020 Season Previews: Northwestern
Show Details1hr 20min
2020 Season Previews: Illinois
Show Details29min 32s
2020 Season Previews: Minnesota
Show Details30min 31s
2020 Season Previews: Wisconsin
Show Details27min 41s
Episode 434: Schedule 3.0
Show Details39min 13s
Episode 433: Fire it up!
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 432: Shut it Down
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 431: New Schedule
Show Details54min 9s
2020 Summer Previews: Purdue
Show Details32min 54s
2020 Summer Previews: Iowa
Show Details48min 20s
2020 Summer Previews: Nebraska
Show Details42min 30s
2020 Summer Previews: Maryland
Show Details27min 22s
2020 Summer Previews: Penn St.
Show Details32min 6s
2020 Summer Previews: Michigan State
Show Details27min 50s
2020 Summer Previews: Michigan
Show Details29min 12s
2020 Summer Previews: Ohio St.
Show Details33min
2020 Summer Previews: Rutgers
Show Details27min 36s
2020 Summer Previews: Indiana
Show Details24min 39s
Episode 430: Summer Preview Primer
Show Details26min 18s
Episode 429: Checking In
Show Details39min 3s
Episode 428: Recruiting Updates
Show Details35min 34s
2020 Live NFL Draft with Winning Cures Everything
Show Details3hr 42min
Episode 427: Paul Hletko-FEW Spirits
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 426: Quarantine Trivia Answers Part 2
Show Details50min 24s
Episode 425: Quarantine Trivia Answers Part 1
Show Details31min 30s
Episode 424: Quarantine Bar Trivia
Show Details33min 18s
Episode 423: Recruiting Thought Experiment
Show Details41min 32s
Episode 422: (Imaginary) Bracketology with Scott Sepich
Show Details47min 52s
Episode 421: Lisa Byington
Show Details43min 37s
Episode 420: Big Ten Champs!
Show Details41min 55s
Episode 419: Alex Miller
Show Details46min 37s
Episode 418: Down the Stretch
Show Details52min 33s
Episode 417: Kalyn Kahler
Show Details1hr 16min
Episode 416: Meetups, Mayhem and Mahomes
Show Details51min 50s
Episode 415: Turtle Trouble
Show Details48min 51s
Episode 414: Rank This!
Show Details56min 8s
Episode 413: Basketball Update and National Championship Recap
Show Details1hr 17min
Episode 412: Happy New Year
Show Details1hr 6min
Episode 411-Part 2:Bowl Preview Part 2
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 411-Part 1:Northwestern Roundup
Show Details46min 11s
Episode 410: Mike Bajakian Deep Dive and Bowl Preview Pt. 1
Show Details1hr 12min
Episode 409: Adam Rittenberg
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 408: Northwestern 29-Illinois 10
Show Details1hr 24min
Episode 407: Minnesota 38-Northwestern 22
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 406: Northwestern 45-UMass 6
Show Details1hr 24min
Episode 405: Purdue 24-Northwestern 22
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 404: Indiana 34-Northwestern 3
Show Details1hr 28min
Episode 403: Iowa 20-Northwestern 0
Show Details54min 42s
Episode 402: Ohio State 52-Northwestern 3
Show Details1hr 28min
Episode 401: Ohio State Preview
Show Details1hr 12min
Episode 400: Nebraska 13-Northwestern 10
Show Details1hr 23min
Episode 399: Wisconsin 24-Northwestern 15
Show Details1hr 25min
Episode 398: Michigan St. 31-Northwestern 10
Show Details1hr 20min
Episode 397: Northwestern 30-UNLV 14
Show Details1hr 10min
Episode 396: UNLV Preview
Show Details1hr 13min
Episode 395: Stanford 17-Northwestern 7
Show Details1hr 32min
Episode 394: GAMEWEEK! Northwestern @ Stanford
Show Details1hr 22min
2019 Summer Previews: Illinois
Show Details36min 37s
Episode 393: Ella Brockway
Show Details52min 32s
2019 Summer Previews: Minnesota
Show Details34min 12s
2019 Summer Previews: UMass
Show Details20min 47s
2019 Summer Previews: Purdue
Show Details34min 47s
2019 Summer Previews: Indiana
Show Details25min 18s
2019 Summer Previews: Iowa
Show Details23min 43s
2019 Summer Previews: Ohio State
Show Details37min 51s
2019 Summer Previews: Nebraska
Show Details26min 26s
2019 Summer Previews: Wisconsin
Show Details31min 39s
2019 Summer Previews: Michigan St.
Show Details29min 33s
2019 Summer Previews: UNLV
Show Details21min 48s
Episode 392: B1G Media Days
Show Details36min 20s
2019 Summer Previews: Stanford
Show Details28min 14s
2019 Summer Previews: Michigan
Show Details23min 53s
2019 Summer Previews: Maryland
Show Details18min 40s
2019 Summer Previews: Penn St
Show Details22min 16s
2019 Summer Previews: Rutgers
Show Details26min 8s
Episode 391: 10 Burning Questions
Show Details1hr 6min
Episode 390: Transition to Summer
Show Details49min 35s
Episode 389: Spring Sports Wrap-up
Show Details31min 13s
Episode 388: Spring Sports Tourney Time
Show Details57min 31s
2019 Live NFL 1st Round with Winning Cures Everything
Show Details2hr 49min
Episode 387: Softball/Lax and NFL Draft Preview
Show Details41min 48s
Episode 386: WNIT Championship Game: Arizona 56-Northwestern 42
Show Details52min 7s
Episode 385: WNIT Championship Preview
Show Details57min 47s
Episode 384: Bracketology with Scott Sepich
Show Details1hr
Episode 383: Wildcat Fandom with Emily Harriott
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 382: Softball and Spring Practice
Show Details41min 25s
Episode 381: Spring Sports Roundup
Show Details58min 12s
Episode 380: Super Bowl Recap and Spring Football
Show Details57min 57s
Episode 379: Super Bowl Preview with Chris Giannini
Show Details1hr 12min
Episode 378: Basketball Turnaround?
Show Details1hr 12min
Episode 377: College Football Wrap-up
Show Details56min 23s
Episode 376: Northwestern 31-Utah 20
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 375: Holiday Bowl Preview: Utah
Show Details1hr 36min
Episode 374: Early Signing Day and Bowl Previews Part 2
Show Details1hr 22min
Episode 373: Bowl Previews Part 1 and Adam Cushing
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 372: Ohio State 45-Northwestern 24
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 371: Northwestern 24-Illinois 16 and B1G Title Preview
Show Details1hr 17min
Episode 370: Northwestern 24-Minnesota 14
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 369: Minnesota Preview and Basketball Primer
Show Details40min 55s
Episode 368: Northwestern 14-Iowa 10
Show Details1hr
Episode 367: Notre Dame 31-Northwestern 21
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 366: Northwestern 31-Wisconsin 17
Show Details1hr 13min
Episode 365: Northwestern 18-Rutgers 15
Show Details1hr 7min
Episode 364: Northwestern 34-Nebraska 31
Show Details1hr 14min
Episode 363: Northwestern 29-Michigan State 19
Show Details1hr
Episode 362: Michigan 20-Northwestern 17 with Dan Persa
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 361: Bye Week
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 360: Akron 39-Northwestern 34
Show Details1hr 10min
Episode 359: Duke 21-Northwestern 7
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 358: Northwestern 31-Purdue 27
Show Details1hr 20min
Episode 357: Northwestern Preview and Week 1
Show Details1hr 10min
2018 Summer Previews: Illinois
Show Details17min 39s
2018 Summer Previews: Minnesota
Show Details27min 27s
2018 Summer Previews: Iowa
Show Details25min 35s
2018 Summer Previews: Notre Dame
Show Details24min 58s
2018 Summer Previews: Wisconsin
Show Details25min 41s
2018 Summer Previews: Rutgers
Show Details35min 7s
Episode 356: Summer News Roundup
Show Details37min 32s
2018 Summer Previews: Nebraska
Show Details27min 36s
2018 Summer Previews: Michigan State
Show Details24min 8s
2018 Summer Previews: Michigan
Show Details27min 56s
2018 Summer Previews: Akron
Show Details15min 50s
2018 Summer Previews: Duke
Show Details20min 41s
2018 Summer Previews: Purdue
Show Details25min 21s
2018 Summer Previews: Ohio State
Show Details19min 3s
2018 Summer Previews: Penn State
Show Details19min 11s
2018 Summer Previews: Indiana
Show Details16min 4s
2018 Summer Previews: Maryland
Show Details15min 41s
Episode 355: Summer Pre-Preview and World Cup
Show Details35min 7s
Episode 354: Emergency Hunter Johnson Pod
Show Details23min 33s
Episode 353: Summer Musings
Show Details40min 35s
Episode 352: Way Too Early Football Talk
Show Details1hr 12min
Episode 351: Draft Recap and Recruiting
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 350: Live NFL Draft Pod
Show Details1hr 46min
Episode 349: NFL Draft Preview
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 348: NU Grab Bag
Show Details58min 41s
Episode 347: Final and Frozen 4
Show Details58min 54s
Episode 346: Cawledge Hawkey
Show Details56min 59s
Episode 345: Bracketology with Scott Sepich
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 344: Winter Wrap-up
Show Details55min 35s
Episode 343: Senior Day and Olympic Chatter
Show Details59min 38s
Episode 342: Lacrosse Primer
Show Details39min 28s
Episode 341: Signing Day
Show Details53min 6s
Episode 340: Louie Vaccher
Show Details56min 51s
Episode 339: Ranting and Raving
Show Details56min 38s
Episode 338: Recruiting by the Numbers
Show Details1hr 13min
Episode 337: National Championship
Show Details1hr 19min
Episode 336: Northwestern 24-Kentucky 23
Show Details1hr 22min
Episode 335: Music City Bowl Preview
Show Details1hr 13min
Episode 334: Bowl Previews Part 2
Show Details1hr 27min
Episode 333: Bowl Previews Part 1
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 332: Music City Bowl Bound
Show Details1hr 31min
Episode 331: Northwestern 42-Illinois 7
Show Details1hr 31min
Episode 330: Northwestern 39-Minnesota 0
Show Details1hr 10min
Episode 329: Northwestern 23-Purdue 13
Show Details1hr 13min
Episode 328: Northwestern 31-Nebraska 24
Show Details1hr 14min
Episode 327: Northwestern 39-Michigan State 31
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 326: Northwestern 17-Iowa 10
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 325: Northwestern 37-Maryland 21
Show Details1hr 7min
Episode 324: Penn State 31-Northwestern 7
Show Details59min 42s
Episode 323: Wisconsin 33-Northwestern 24
Show Details55min 11s
Episode 322: Bye Week
Show Details58min 40s
Episode 321: Northwestern 49-Bowling Green 7
Show Details1hr 15min