Dark Topic

Host Jack Luna covers the worlds darkest stories, while holding you close in an itchy blanket. 


025 • The Fishy Alibi of Kevin Dowling
Show Details26min 46s
024 • Out in the Wash
Show Details22min 59s
023 • Bizarre Bob and his Play-toys
Show Details40min 10s
022 • The Righteous Anger of Jason Vukovich
Show Details51min 47s
021 • The Devil's Music
Show Details33min 1s
Tier 13 Offering - Dirty Faced Cats
Show Details17min 47s
020 • The Demented Farmer of Bath
Show Details40min 19s
019 • The Moral Imbecile
Show Details58min 26s
018 • The Bluebeard of Quiet Dell
Show Details56min 42s
017 • A Despicable Abomination
Show Details1hr 1min
11:59 MEDIA PRESENTS: True Crime Kent
Show Details7min 14s
016 • Little Red Wallet
Show Details53min 48s
015 • The Walk of Death
Show Details29min 49s
014 • Where There's Smoke
Show Details28min
013 • The Leg Thing
Show Details35min 32s
012 • What Goes Around
Show Details33min
011 • A Downward Spiral
Show Details24min 32s
010 • A Bad Feeling
Show Details27min 58s
Welcome to Dark Topic
Show Details1min 4s
32. ARCHIVE - Bring Me Back A Girl
Show Details38min 26s
31. ARCHIVE - The Red Ripper
Show Details1hr 11min
Show Details18min 3s
29. ARCHIVE - The Broomstick Killer
Show Details1hr 12min
28. ARCHIVE - Charlie Brandt pt.2: The Fisherman
Show Details30min 45s
27. ARCHIVE - Charlie Brandt pt.1
Show Details31min 47s
26. ARCHIVE - Dr. Wrong (Fiction)
Show Details36min 40s
25. ARCHIVE - All That Glitters
Show Details20min 42s
24. ARCHIVE - Gorilla Man
Show Details40min 40s
23. ARCHIVE - Sinning Marybeth Tinning
Show Details51min 58s
22. ARCHIVE - Speck pt.2
Show Details26min 5s
21. ARCHIVE - Speck pt.1
Show Details26min 55s
20. ARCHIVE - Crazy Dave (First DT ep)
Show Details2hr 1min
19. ARCHIVE - Ramirez pt.2: The Night Stalker
Show Details58min 15s
18. ARCHIVE - Ramirez pt.1: Cemetery Child
Show Details32min 25s
17. ARCHIVE - The Otero Family Murders
Show Details28min 24s
16. ARCHIVE - The Men in the Road
Show Details38min 2s
15. ARCHIVE - Big Ed Kemper
Show Details51min 56s
14. ARCHIVE- Bedlam
Show Details36min 25s
13. ARCHIVE - The Killing Machine pt.2
Show Details30min 27s
12. ARCHIVE - The Killing Machine pt.1
Show Details44min 54s
11. ARCHIVE - Stopwatch Stephen
Show Details48min 2s
10. ARCHIVE - Uncle Jimmy's Easter
Show Details17min 44s
9. ARCHIVE - The Silent Angels of Albert Fish pt.2
Show Details44min 54s
8. ARCHIVE - The Silent Angels of Albert Fish pt.1
Show Details44min 24s
7. ARCHIVE - The Missoula Mauler
Show Details43min 11s
6. ARCHIVE - A Black Throne
Show Details22min 9s
5. ARCHIVE - Doctor Kevorkian
Show Details42min 58s
4. ARCHIVE - The Zed Team
Show Details22min 22s
3. ARCHIVE - The Invisible People
Show Details46min 16s
2. ARCHIVE - Herb Baumeister pt.2: Fox Hollow Farm
Show Details47min 5s
1. ARCHIVE - Herb Baumeister pt.1
Show Details38min 52s