067 – “Double Cannibalism?! One Star!” | Kamen Rider Black Sun Eps. 4-10 | Ft. Christopher Riner

Season 1
2h 37m | Sep 19, 2023

Last fall, Nathan guest hosted on Tomi Trembath’s podcast, Giant-Sized Violence, as part of a crossover discussing Kamen Rider Black and its new remake, Kamen Rider Black Sun. Sadly, plans to discuss episodes 4-10 of Black Sun with Tomi fell through, so Nathan invited Christopher Riner, a hardcore listener of all his podcasts, to join him to suffer through, er, complete the coverage. This is by far the most violent and political tokusatsu Nathan has ever seen, and he’s not sure the Japanese filmmakers fully understood the cultural weight of the controversies they borrowed from American politics. It doesn’t help that the show has the subtlety of a sledgehammer with its themes and social commentary. But is it a worthy remake of a henshin hero classic? Chris and Nate don’t think so. Listen to find out why!

Listen to coverage of episodes 1-3 on Giant-Sized Violence (Apple) (Spotify).

This episode was edited by Christopher Riner with Nathan Marchand.

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-“Kamen Rider Black Sun OST” (Orchestra Rearranged by Fancheizhar) 

-“Not Your Above-Average Joe [Standing Ovation]” by Ivan Hakštok

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