Happy Hour Podcast

Matthew Fox and Ricky are joining together to bring you the Happy Hour Podcast. We both have a strong passion for football, fantasy football and DFS. 

  • Talk about our Rankings, who we like and why.
  • Our favorite matchups of the week.
  • Top DFS Plays of the week.
  • NFL Picks 
  • Trade Talks
  • Start/Sit 
  • And taking your questions.


Week 6 Preview - Start/Sit - NFL Bets
Show Details1hr 4min
Week 5 Preview - Start/Sit - NFL Bets
Show Details38min 51s
Week 4 Preview - Start/Sit - NFL Bets
Show Details40min 20s
Week 3 Preview - Start/Sit - NFL Bets
Show Details50min 20s
WFT/Giants - Week 2 Preview - DFS Plays - NFL Bets
Show Details43min 44s
Fantasy Football Happy Hour: Bucs vs. Cowboys - Week 1 Preview - DFS Plays
Show Details51min 10s
Fantasy Football Happy Hour: AFC Playoff Breakdown, Sports Bets, Mac Jones, Injuries
Show Details47min 41s
Fantasy Football Happy Hour: NFC Playoff Breakdown, Teddy Bridgewater/Andy Dalton
Show Details51min 35s
Redraft Tight End Rankings, Mac Jones, Trey Lance and More
Show Details43min 58s
Fantasy Football Happy Hour - Wide Receiver Rankings
Show Details42min 36s
Fantasy Football Happy Hour - Running Backs Rankings
Show Details34min 40s
Fantasy Football Happy Hour - Quarterback Rankings, HOF Game and More
Show Details49min 58s
The Devy Delight Special Episode
Show Details16min 39s
Two Round Devy Mock Draft
Show Details41min 7s
Plant Our Flag Tight End
Show Details15min 50s
Plant Our Flag Wide Receiver
Show Details15min 59s
Plant Our Flag Running Back
Show Details18min 45s
Plant Our Flag Quarterback
Show Details21min 49s
2021 Rookie ADP Thoughts
Show Details34min 12s
First Look at 2022 Tight End Rankings
Show Details26min 44s
First Look at 2022 Wide Receiver Rankings
Show Details39min 44s
First Look at 2022 Running Back Rankings
Show Details39min 7s
First Look at 2022 Quarterback Rankings
Show Details41min 21s
2021 NFL Draft Rookie Rankings
Show Details43min 38s
2021 NFL Draft Recap
Show Details36min 29s
2021 NFL Draft Day Bets With Eliot Crist
Show Details15min 36s
2021 NFL Draft Final Wide Receiver and Tight End Rankings
Show Details34min 32s
2021 NFL Draft Final Quarterback and Running Back Rankings
Show Details45min 9s
2021 College Football Preview: Texas A&M & Devy Running Back Rankings 5-1
Show Details46min 5s
2021 College Football Preview: Purdue & Devy Running Back Rankings 10-6
Show Details39min 18s
2021 College Football Preview: Ole Miss Rebels & RB Devy Rankings 15-11
Show Details36min 43s
2021 College Football Preview: Maryland Terrapins & QB Devy Rankings 5-1
Show Details41min 7s
Rookie Superflex Mock Draft II
Show Details37min 29s
2021 College Football Preview: USC, Kedon Slovis, QB Devy Rankings
Show Details52min 5s
2021 College Football Preview: North Carolina, QB Devy Rankings 15-11
Show Details46min 43s
Draft Battle: Devonta Smith vs. Jaylen Waddle
Show Details34min 9s
Draft Battle: Javonte Williams vs Michael Carter
Show Details27min 24s
Superflex Rookie Mock Draft
Show Details1hr 1min
Senior Bowl Recap
Show Details40min 22s
Senior Bowl Preview
Show Details48min 7s
Like/Love/Avoid 2021 Wide Receiver Edition
Show Details36min 39s
Like/Love/Avoid 2021 Running Back Edition
Show Details49min 4s
Like/Love/Avoid 2021 Quarterback Edition
Show Details58min 23s
Tight End Devy Rankings
Show Details33min 34s
Wide Receiver Devy Rankings
Show Details36min 57s
Running Back Devy Rankings
Show Details29min 28s
Quarterback Devy Rankings
Show Details35min 44s
Buy-Sell-Hold 2020 NFL Draft Edition
Show Details44min 8s
2021 Overhyped Prospects
Show Details40min 2s
Overlooked Devy Players
Show Details47min 32s
2021 NFL Draft Top 20 Rankings
Show Details39min 21s
2021 NFL Draft Tight End Rankings + Big Ten Recap
Show Details45min 31s
2021 NFL Draft Wide Receiver Rankings
Show Details26min 2s
2021 NFL Draft Running Back Rankings
Show Details41min 28s
2021 Quarterback Rankings
Show Details32min 19s
Pac-12 Preview
Show Details40min 27s
Big Ten Preview
Show Details30min 55s
The Devy Delight Stock Market Week 3
Show Details51min 58s
ACC Preview
Show Details52min 8s
Opted-Out Players Preview
Show Details54min 53s
Big 12 Preview
Show Details56min 10s
SEC Preview
Show Details57min 23s
2020 College Football Season Discussion
Show Details57min 59s
2020 Rookie Over/Under Show
Show Details1hr 8min
Campus to Canton Part Two
Show Details1hr 1min
Campus to Canton Part One
Show Details55min 54s
How to Build Your Devy Start-up Team and SFBX Rosters
Show Details59min 50s
The Devy Delight: Devy Rankings 5-1
Show Details31min 29s
The Devy Delight: Devy Rankings 10-6
Show Details24min 24s
How to Build a Devy league
Show Details1hr 9min
Big 12 Wide Receivers
Show Details48min 48s
Big 12 Running Back Profiles
Show Details30min 9s
Big 12 Quarterbacks Profiles
Show Details50min 9s
SEC Wide Receiver Profiles
Show Details32min 3s
SEC Running Back Profiles
Show Details35min 33s
SEC Quarterback Profiles
Show Details45min 31s
Big Ten Wide Receiver Profiles
Show Details38min 4s
The Devy Delight Rookie Sleepers
Show Details49min 11s
The Devy Delight Draft Recap
Show Details1hr 32min
The Devy Delight Pre-Draft Show
Show Details57min 47s
Big Ten Running Back Profiles
Show Details23min 59s
Big Ten Quarterback Profiles
Show Details47min 5s
Pac-12 Wide Receiver & Tight End Profiles
Show Details26min 1s
Pac-12 Running Back Profiles
Show Details26min 30s
Pac-12 Quarterback Profiles
Show Details31min 48s
2021 Tight End Rankings
Show Details19min 3s
2021 Wide Receiver Rankings
Show Details26min 9s
2021 Running Back Rankings
Show Details30min 41s
2021 Quarterback Rankings
Show Details35min 7s
2020 Wide Receiver Big Board
Show Details42min 48s
2020 Running Back Big Board
Show Details29min 24s
2020 Quarterback Big Board
Show Details27min 4s
Senior Bowl Recap - Wide Receivers & Tight Ends
Show Details40min 5s
Interview with Buffalo Running Back Jaret Patterson
Show Details17min 55s
Senior Bowl Recap - Quarterback & Running Back
Show Details44min 44s
Senior Bowl Preview
Show Details15min 44s
KJ Hamler
Show Details16min 30s
Tua Tagovailoa
Show Details26min 14s
Lamical Perine
Show Details16min 48s
Laviska Shenault Jr.
Show Details22min 7s
Quartney Davis
Show Details15min 2s
J.K. Dobbins
Show Details20min 16s
Jalen Reagor
Show Details19min 30s
Jacob Eason
Show Details15min 42s
Jalen Hurts
Show Details21min 5s
Adam Trautman
Show Details11min 16s
Devin Duvernay
Show Details12min 13s
Michael Pittman Jr.
Show Details13min 17s
Jordan Love
Show Details17min 26s
Antonio Gandy-Golden
Show Details14min 7s
Zack Moss
Show Details9min 46s
Joe Burrow
Show Details14min 43s
The Devy Delight: Omar Bayless
Show Details13min 3s
The Devy Delight: Ke'Shawn Vaughn
Show Details13min 5s
The Devy Delight: Justin Herbert
Show Details16min 51s
The Devy Delight: 2021 Prospects To Keep an Eye on
Show Details54min 58s
The Devy Delight: Updated 2020 Wide Receiver Big Board
Show Details39min 51s
The Devy Delight: Updated 2020 Running Back Big Board
Show Details54min 4s
The Devy Delight: Updated 2020 Quarterback Big Board
Show Details52min 17s
The Devy Delight: 2020 Tight End Rankings
Show Details33min 43s
The Devy Delight: 2020 Wide Receiver Rankings Part II
Show Details35min 34s
The Devy Delight: 2020 Wide Receiver Rankings Part I
Show Details49min 39s
The Devy Delight: 2020 Running Back Rankings Part II
Show Details51min 19s
The Devy Delight: 2020 Running Back Rankings Part I
Show Details51min 3s
The Devy Delight: 2020 Quarterback Rankings
Show Details1hr 2min
The Devy Delight Stock Market Week 3
Show Details55min 19s
The Devy Delight: Devy Stock Market - American Athletic Conference
Show Details54min 43s
The Devy Delight: Devy Stock Market - Big 10
Show Details36min 11s
The Devy Delight: Big 12
Show Details56min 52s
The Devy Delight: SEC
Show Details47min 38s
The Devy Delight: Pac-12
Show Details45min 44s
The Devy Delight: ACC
Show Details37min 24s