Starbucks Ambitious Global Expansion | Bangladesh May Break Elusive Record | Researchers Find that Adding Cream and Sugar to Tea Does Not Impact Health Outcomes

26m | Nov 10, 2023

HEAR THE HEADLINES – Starbucks Announces Ambitious Global Expansion | Record Revenue Powers Plan to Operate 55,000 locations by 2030, with 75% overseas | Bangladesh May Finally Break an Elusive Record | Researchers Challenge the Belief that Adding Cream and Sugar to Tea Impacts Health Outcomes

| GUEST – Jason Walker, Marketing Director Firsd Tea, the US subsidiary of Zhejiang Tea Group

| FEATURED – In October, Transworld, China’s first USDA-certified organic tea producer, and Firsd Tea, the US subsidiary of Zhejiang Tea Group, released the Chinese Tea Sustainability Report, a 12-page survey of perspectives and practices at Chinese tea farms and processing facilities. Jason Walker, marketing director at Firsd Tea in New Jersey and one of the architects of the sustainability report, joins Tea Biz for an in-depth discussion of the results of this ongoing survey.

Tea Sustainability Perspectives and Practices – Most survey respondents have an improved outlook on progress made in sustainability in the last ten years, says Jason Walker. They also view present-day efforts more favorably and predict an increased improvement trajectory in the next ten years, adds Walker, 46, one of the architects of the Chinese Tea Sustainability Report. Walker is the Marketing Director at Firsd Tea in New Jersey. His expertise includes business development, market research, and tasting. 

“China set [sustainability] standards, especially domestically, for tea. About 85% of China’s tea stays in China. They said, ‘We have to protect our people and raise our standards internally as well.’ he said.

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