Snapchill™ Hot Brewed Tea

16m | May 24, 2024

Tea’s enticing aroma dissipates so quickly after it is brewed that it prevents ready-to-drink (RTD) manufacturers from capturing one of the beverage’s most desirable characteristics. Oxidation then takes its toll, reducing shelf life and altering the tea’s flavor within the can.

Kyle Bosshardt, director of business development, joins us today to explain why Snapchill™, a Massachusetts-based technology and bottling company, is venturing into tea. Snapchill’s patented innovative heat-exchange method produces canned teas that capture hot-brewed tea's delicate aroma and full flavor. Teas are rapidly cooled to 38 degrees Fahrenheit (about 4 degrees Celsius) without dilution and then nitrogen-flushed to purge oxygen. As Bosshardt explains, the key is to chill the tea rapidly during the brewing process (it takes about a minute), ensuring it retains its flavor and on-shelf stability.

Bosshardt joined Snapchill in 2020. He previously worked as a coffee director in Boston's hospitality segment after graduating with a degree in Anthropology and Philosophy from the University of Arizona and a master's in healthcare communication from Boston University.

He knew Snapchill co-founders Dave Dussault and Michael Corrado from their work producing a cold brew alternative, Snapchill cold coffee, an innovative process to brew coffee hot to be enjoyed chilled. The company, founded in 2017, initially sought to sell its technology but established a Green Bay, Wis., canning facility to serve roasters nationwide for e-commerce and direct distribution to regional retail stores.

Snapchill has since adapted the brewing process to produce canned tea.

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