Beyond Matcha

21m | Apr 12, 2024

Beyond Matcha | Matcha, a shining success story that revived the Japanese tea industry, also paved the way for enthusiasts interested in other Japanese teas, such as hojicha, a light brown colored green tea roasted in porcelain pots over charcoal. Noli Ergas, Senior Account Manager in the Seattle offices of Sugimoto Tea, joins us this week to explain how matcha’s success instills hope for the future of the Japanese tea industry, especially among younger consumers who prefer sweeter, less bitter teas to the traditional “grassiness” of Japanese greens.

Texas native Noli Ergas discovered green tea in his teens, researching and refining his palate from Arizona RTD convenience store cans to exquisite artisan “works of art.” After he moved to Japan, his professional journey in tea unfolded with the successful completion of the intense training required of a Certified Japanese Tea Advisor

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