S3E9 Woke Racism: Have Progressives Created a New Social Religion?

Season 3 | Episode 9
1h 44m | May 20, 2022

#43. In this episode, Abdullah and Andres review and discuss the book Woke Racism: How A New Religion Has Betrayed Black America by Columbia professor and author John McWhorter. Have progressives abandoned actual racial progress and improving the lives of Black people in favor of virtue-signaling and smoking out racists? Do we have a new “cannon” of approved books on the subject of racism that ensures that people only hold to one true opinion on the subject? The Souljah’s discuss this and more in this episode. 

*Note: The episode is labeled as explicit because there is a curse word near the end of the episode.

Relevant Links and Resources

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  2. Linguist John McWhorter on how to combat the harms of 'woke racism' []
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  4. How To Teach Phonics [Literacy Ideas]
  5. Pass an Anti-Racist Constitutional Amendment by Ibram X. Kendi
  6. Washignton Post Review of Woke Racism
  7. Andrew Sullivan’s last post at New York Magazine
  8. Liner Notes Explained [Wikipedia]
  9. Catechism of Contradictions
  10. Will Smith Mr. Niceguy song
  11. Free Black Thought website, podcast, and resources
  12. Americans and political ideology
  13. American political polarization 1995-2015


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