Juneteenth 2021 Freestyle...Real Progress or the Okie-Doke?

41m | Jun 23, 2021

#26 In this “freestyle” episode, the Souljah’s discuss the new Juneteenth federal holiday. Is it a good idea? Is there a downside? What do we even know about Juneteenth, anyway? Abdul, Justine, and Andres enter the “virtual living room” to chop it up! 

Helpful Links

  1. George Floyd Policing Act
  2. Most Americans know little or nothing about Juneteenth
  3. Emancipation Proclamation Issued,and%20henceforward%20shall%20be%20free.%22
  4. Forgotten Verse of the Star-Spangled Banner
  6. Cause of the Civil War
  7. Lincoln Douglas Debates
  8. Lincoln’s evolving thoughts on Black people
  9. Enslaved people started Memorial Day
  10. Steven Blight’s History of the Earliest Memorial Day in Charleston
  11. I Have a Dream full speech
  12. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 1967 NBC interview. At the 21:25 mark, MLK reflects on “the dream” and how it has in many ways “become a nightmare…”


Senate Republicans block voting rights reform bill in the midst of voting for the Juneteenth holiday. This behavior seems inconsistent if Senate Republicans are truly interested in the cause of justice.


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