A Riff On Critical Race Theory

1h 43m | Jul 14, 2021

#29 The Souljahs tackle the conversation surrounding Critical Race Theory (CRT): What it is, where it comes from, is it hurtful or harmful, and how is connected to the broader national discourse.

Helpful Links

  1. Lee Atwater outlines the “southern strategy
  2. Unedited Lee Atwater interview (Audio Only) [The Nation]
  3. MSNBC on critical race theory Joy Reid Interview
  4. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Testifies about Critical Race Theory
  5. The Thomas W. Smith Foundation has donated more than $12.7 million to 21 organizations attacking Critical Race Theory [Popular Information]
  6. Although Critical Race Theory emerged in the late 70s, only since August 2020 has it been a researched topic online. [Google Trends]
  7. CRT is admittedly used as a vessel to fill with whatever concepts are politically unpopular. [Twitter via The Pew Charitable Trusts]
  8. John Rolfe and Pocahontas
  9. The Pocahontas Exception and the creation of race
  10. The Rolfe family
  11. Racial Integrity Act
  12. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy explains Hermeneutics
  13. Black people who could vote tended to support the Republican Party from the 1860s to about the mid-1930s [USA Today]
  14. Colonial charters and other official documents are written in the 1600s and early 1700s rarely refer to European colonists as white. [Facing History]
  15. Most people think ‘whiteness’ is innate. They’re wrong: It was created to keep black people from voting. [Washington Post]
  16. Slave bible [Wikipedia]
  17. Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signs law targeting critical race theory, saying she's against 'discriminatory indoctrination' [Des Moines Register]
  18. Racial Violence In The United States Since 1660 [Black Past]
  19. The Violent History of White Supremacy Is Rarely Taught in Schools. It Should Be [Education Week]
  20. Butter by BTS [YouTube]
  21. Summer of Soul documentary


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