S3E7 The Theory of Racelessness; Erasing Blackness??

Season 3 | Episode 7
1h 22m | Apr 20, 2022

#41. In this episode, Abdullah and Andres discuss The Theory of Racelessness, a concept coined by professor and educator Dr. Sheena Mason. They discuss what it is, how it is different/similar to the concept of color blindness, and the pros and cons of the perspective thusfar.

Relevant Links and Resources

  1. Morgan Freeman and Mike Wallace, 60 Minutes clip
  2. The Theory of Racelessness -
  3. Core Tenets of Theory of Racelessness | feat. Dr. Sheena Mason [YouTube]
  4. Black Card Definition [Urban Dictionary]
  5. John Mayer - Last Train Home (Ballad Version - Official Video)


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