Black Love Pt 6: Black Money and Wealth

Season 2 | Episode 7
1h 34m | Jul 1, 2021

#27 The Souljahs return to their Black Love series to discuss the wealth gap, ideas for entrepreneurship, their thoughts on money, and reparations.

Helpful Links

  1. Explained | Racial Wealth Gap | FULL EPISODE | Netflix [YouTube]
  2. 10 myths about the racial wealth gap [Axios]
  3. 7 Things About Race and Money I Learned From Interviewing Black Entrepreneurs [Time]
  4. When a Black homeowner concealed her race, her home's appraisal value doubled [CNN]
  5. What are Reparations, How Could They Happen, and Why Do They Matter? [Teen Vogue]
  6. Growing the Gap Between Earning and Spending [Afford Anything]
  7. Michael McDonald’s Greatest Hits [YouTube]
  8. Median Household Wealth (Justine Add) 
  9. Reparations and why we need them
  10. 40 Acres and a mule (also related to reparations)
  11. Home Ownership and Home-buying Stats
  12. New York Times article on a longitudinal study on wealth .
  13. Black people and equality of opportunity
  14. Wealth gap statistics Wealth Gap explains the episode 


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