Black Love Pt 5: Black Parenting

Season 2 | Episode 6
1h 40m | Jun 17, 2021

#25 Do parents parent differently across races? Are there considerations for Black parents that other parents don't have? What's with whuppins? The Souljah's discuss parenting styles, differences in parenting between races, and cross-racial adoption. Plus, Andres can't seem to stop laughing!

*** Correction *** In the episode, Andres mentioned John Legend was the first African American to get EGOT status. That was incorrect. He is the first African American male to get the honors. Whoopi Goldberg was the first African American to win all four awards. She won two of those awards in the same year.

Helpful Links

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  6. Parenting differences across cultures
  7. Corporal Punishment
  9. Parenting Styles, Economics, and Extracurricular activities
  10. Rita Moreno - In Praise Of the Only Living EGOT Who's Won All 4 Awards as a Performer [Billboard]
  11. MacKenzie Thomas album


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