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Jupiter in Gemini

This witchy podcast covers topics including Astrology, Tarot, Witchcraft, and Self Care. Hosted by Chelsea Smith of Noble Lion Prints


Solar Eclipse in Taurus 4.30.22
Show Details16min 27s
Full Moon in Libra 4.16.22
Show Details16min 2s
New Moon in Aries 4.1.22
Show Details17min 4s
Full Moon in Virgo 3.18.22
Show Details24min 27s
New Moon in Pisces 3.2.2022
Show Details29min 9s
Full Moon in Leo 2.16.22
Show Details19min 13s
New Moon in Aquarius 2.1.22
Show Details21min 17s
Full Moon in Cancer 1.17.22
Show Details22min 31s
New Year New Moon in Capricorn
Show Details22min 28s
New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius
Show Details28min 59s
Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus
Show Details26min 20s
Eclipse Season
Show Details26min 48s
New Moon in Scorpio 11.4.21
Show Details15min 21s
Protection 101
Show Details25min 14s
Full Moon in Aries 10.20.21 + Mercury and Jupiter Direct
Show Details23min 21s
New Moon in Libra 10.06.21
Show Details16min 6s
Working with The Moon
Show Details17min 16s
Mercury Rx in Libra 9.26.21
Show Details16min 46s
Ancestor Meditation
Show Details9min 26s
Show Details20min 23s
Full Moon in Pisces 9.20.21
Show Details16min 11s