That Sex Chick

Have you ever wondered if there’s more to sex than what you’ve been taught? Well, Alexa Martinez is here to show you what the more is… How sex can be edgy, playful and fulfilling beyond your wildest dreams. 

As a sex coach, business mentor, and intuitive guide, Alexa will take you on a journey of pleasure discovery to show you how to create your best sex life and cultivate your desires, leaving you turned on and inspired AF.

So, let’s talk sex, shall we?


The Importance of Adventure & Play in a LTR with Taylor Lou Dixon and Jared Nations
Show Details1hr 1min
Our Big Festival Wedding PT2
Show Details53min 18s
Our Big Festival Wedding PT1
Show Details58min 40s
Our Sex Lives Revealed with Bryn Daylor & Serena Rose
Show Details47min 55s
Trauma: Navigating Sex & The Nervous System with Aurianna Joy
Show Details58min 13s
Sexual Personal Development | Mini Episode
Show Details15min 14s
It's Wedding Week! with Jordan Bowditch & Bryn Daylor
Show Details1hr
Becoming & Attracting the Queen with Christine Hassler
Show Details1hr 5min
Try This Before Sex | Mini Episode
Show Details9min 18s
The Truth about STIs with Emily Rymland
Show Details51min 27s
Sex for Busy Parents with James & Angela Mitchell
Show Details59min 17s
What's Keeping You From Your Best Orgasm | Mini Episode
Show Details14min 2s
Sex Chat with Jordan's Mom
Show Details57min 34s
Making a Long-Term Marriage Work with Lisa & Gary Cram
Show Details1hr 18min
The Power of Your Orgasm with Bryn Daylor
Show Details43min 38s
Meet My Relationship Coach | Annie Lalla
Show Details1hr 13min
Healing through Kinky Spiritual Sex with Serena Rose
Show Details48min 41s
Embodiment Rituals to F*ck Like a Goddess with Alexandra Roxo
Show Details1hr 13min
Reclaiming Sexuality & Self-Love After Infidelity with Jaime Wilkinson
Show Details1hr 24min
Divorce Deep Dive: Codependency, Psychedelics, and Uncoupling with Love with Bryn Daylor & Chris Marhefka
Show Details1hr 33min
Women Who F*ck Women... and Date Men with Kelli Tennant
Show Details1hr 16min
Birthday Q&A: Hot Sex, Body Love, and Healing Father Wounds
Show Details50min 43s
Our Monogamish Relationship: How We Plan to Bring in a Third with Jordan Bowditch
Show Details1hr 14min
‘Sex/Life’ on Netflix: The Hot, Heavy, and Shadow Sides with Bryn Daylor
Show Details1hr 47min
The ABC’s of Kink with Bryn Daylor
Show Details55min 12s
Play Parties, Erotic Blueprints, + Fantasy Exploration with Kimi Inch and The Sex & Love Co Team
Show Details1hr 30min
Coming Out, Sex with Women, and Embracing Your Sexuality with Arielle D'Angelo
Show Details1hr 13min
Figuring Out You're Kinky: Getting Collared, Red Flags, and D/s Dating with Hannah Deindorfer
Show Details1hr 6min
Living a 24/7 Dominant-Submissive Dynamic with Andrew & Dawn
Show Details52min 47s
Threesomes, Dating Apps, & Knowing Your Desires with Bryn Daylor
Show Details1hr 3min
What It's Like to Work with a Sex Coach
Show Details34min 11s
Relationship Rituals, Death Cycles & Sabbaticals with Libby Lia & Andrew Drish
Show Details1hr 17min
Conscious Relationships: Adventure, Role Play & Community with Taylor Lou Dixon and Jared Nations
Show Details56min 12s
Polyamory, Attachment Styles, and Trauma Healing with Jessica Fern
Show Details56min 7s
Cock Pain and Men’s Sexual Health with Dr. Susie Gronski
Show Details1hr 3min
Sex Dungeons + BDSM Edgeplay with Jane Boon
Show Details48min 24s
Sex Parties Done Right with Lila Donnolo
Show Details2hr 1min
OnlyFans: The Trojan Horse of Personal Development for Men with Mercedes Terrell & Jade Bryce
Show Details1hr 14min
Embodiment & Intimacy: Let Your Darkness F*ck with Madelyn Moon
Show Details1hr 2min
Rope Bondage: Surrender, Self-Awareness & Vulnerability with Rina Trevi
Show Details57min 24s
Prostate Play + Becoming a Multi-Orgasmic Man with Cam Fraser
Show Details1hr 12min
Conscious C*ck: Take Your Partner to the Cosmos with Kristopher Lovestone
Show Details56min 12s
How Men's Work Improved My Sex Life with Jordan Bowditch
Show Details1hr 32min
Black Sexuality + Dismantling Shame with Dr. Lexx James
Show Details47min 25s
Happy Vulva, Happy Life: Soothe Pain and Bring Comfort to Your Lady Parts with Suzanne Sinatra
Show Details37min 8s
P*ssy Power: Your Orgasm, Your Responsibility with Bryn Daylor
Show Details1hr 2min
Sexological Bodywork: Connect to Your Vulva with Pamela Madsen
Show Details59min 23s
Orgasm to live longer: Tantra, Sex & Aging with Laurie Handlers
Show Details55min 34s
Periods & The Female Hormone Cycle Simplified with Nicole Jardim
Show Details1hr 9min
Sex Addiction, Porn, and Finding the Great Man Within with Dominick Quartuccio
Show Details1hr 16min
Modern Manhood and the #MeToo Movement with Cleo Stiller
Show Details50min 38s
F*ck Social Norms & Step Into Your Truth with Kelli Tennant
Show Details1hr 13min
Butt Stuff, Role Playing, + The Ultimate Guide to Kink with Tristan Taormino
Show Details58min 5s
Hack Your Sex Life with Kenneth Play
Show Details1hr 9min
Well-Sexed Friends: Building Strong, Pleasure-filled, Female Friendships with Taylor Lou Dixon & Adee Cazayoux
Show Details1hr 9min
The Future of Sex Tech, Robots, + Dolls with Bryony Cole
Show Details54min 3s
Womxn in Sex Tech with Polly Rodriguez
Show Details38min 35s
Sex, Pregnancy, Business, and Birth with Michael & Adee Cazayoux
Show Details1hr 8min
Cov*d, Conflict, + Controversy
Show Details1hr 38min
Dominance & Submission: Erotic Transformation with Om Rupani
Show Details52min 40s
Whitney Miller on Public Breakups + Unconventional Relationships
Show Details51min 48s
Evolved Masculine: Become a Better Lover + Partner with Destin Gerek
Show Details52min 48s
So You Want to be A Sex Coach?
Show Details1hr 25min
Want/Will/Won’t: Get Clear on Your Sexual Desires & Boundaries
Show Details24min 15s
Stefanos Sifandos on Infidelity, Self-Worth + Calling a Partner In
Show Details57min 18s
Sex Magick: 6 Steps for Creating an Abundance Ritual
Show Details23min 48s
JP and Amber Sears: Sex, Marriage, & Becoming Parents
Show Details57min 35s
The Hero’s Journey: From Compulsive Porn to Conscious Sex with Jordan Bowditch
Show Details1hr 9min
How BDSM Changed My Sex Life Forever
Show Details42min 34s
A Mother-Daughter Q&A on Sex and Relationships
Show Details46min 35s
That Sex Chick - The Trailer
Show Details5min 19s