Otermans Institute Interview

Season 1 | Episode 9
33m | Oct 26, 2023

Lotus Luthor talks with Dr. Pauldy Otermans and Managing Director Dev Aditya, the minds behind the Otermans Institute, a London-based organization on a mission to revolutionize education through artificial intelligence. The Otermans Institute aims to upskill an astounding 750 million students globally, including those who have faced disruptions in their education due to factors like the pandemic, remoteness, or refugee status.

Dev Aditya, one of OI's co-founders, shares how their journey started with teaching underserved students in South Asia. They noticed a big problem in the way education was delivered and decided to use AI to fix it.

They discuss how AI can customize education for each student, making learning more personal. They also discuss the connection between AI, psychology, and neuroscience in education.

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