A Team Football

Hey everyone, we are A TEAM Football, and we love to talk football just as much as all of you. The NFL Season is the best time of the year so let's get hyped. We're going to cover everything from on field events, to off field events, all the way to whats going with da culture ya diggg. But ye, tune in to for news and takes on everything going on in the league.


Episode 08: Hey lol, it's been a minute
Show Details42min 11s
Episode 07: Fred Warner 4 DPOY (feat. Gurjap Singh)
Show Details44min 40s
Episode 06: Adam Gase Ruins the NFL
Show Details37min 4s
Episode 05: Cancel Me, Just Don't Cancel the Football Season Please
Show Details46min 36s
Episode 04: No Saquon, No Bosa, Just Pain
Show Details46min 18s
Episode 03: It's Finally Football Season!
Show Details44min 14s
Episode 02: Leonard Fournette or Nathan Peterman?
Show Details44min 37s
Episode 01: The Cowboys will Forever be 8-8.
Show Details46min 4s