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As middle-agers life for us hasn't stopped; there can still be incredible surprises around the corner. We need to continue to dream new dreams and feel we can accomplish new goals. And as a collective, together we can let the world know that our lives are far from over. 

Our podcast A Table for One will look to give a loud voice to an under served demographic. 

By our challenging stereotypes and engaging in untapped subjects, we can find new ways to love and nurture ourselves.

We want a community as broad a spectrum of people as possible. We are not exclusionary. Anyone who fills the childless, 40 plus, straight cis male and female, LGBTQ+, multinational, hyphenated- American is welcome. 

Some of the issues we plan to explore are:

  • I Forgot to Have the Baby: No Kids, No Problem
  • Loneliness vs. Being Alone: Which Describes Me? Do I Feel There's a Difference?
  • Financial Planning: Do I Vacillate Between Panic and Who Cares?
  • Have I Stopped Dreaming? Do I Still Set Goals for Me?
  • How are We Perceived in the Media, Movies, and Advertising? How Much of It Do I Believe?

Join us as we chat and share about the over 40 life experience.


I'm Ok Just the Way I Am
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Bob the Builder Part 3
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Part 2- Are you a Bob the Builder Woman?
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Are you a Bob the Builder Woman?
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ATF1 - Dealing with Depression
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A Table Four 1
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A Table Four 1
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